myMaker Robotics Challenge 2016

img-20161112-wa0039CYBERJAYA, 14 November 2016 – On the 12th of November 2016, Mobile Robotics Club (MRC) UNITEN sent 3 teams which consist of 12 students from Universiti Tenaga Nasional, Putrajaya to participate in myMaker Robotics Challenge 2016. This competition was organised by Malaysia Robotics Engineering Association (MREA) and Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) at Cyberjaya. This competition has many categories which consist of Combat Robot, Tower Conquer Robot, RC Sumo Robot, Autonomous Sumo Robot, Tower Conquer and Internet-of-Things Robotics challenge.

The 3 teams, namely UNI10-Alpha, UNI10-Bravo and UNI10-Charlie; represents UNITEN for the Autonomous Sumo Robot competition. An Autonomous Sumo Robot is a competition where the robot is able to push its opponent out of the specific area according to the tournament rules. Since this competition is an Autonomous, it does not require using remote control to control the movement of the robot. Instead, ultrasonic sensors and infrared sensors are used to detect the opponent and the ring. Autonomous is not an easy competition as it requires the team members to think and come out with a good strategy to eliminate the opponent robot out of the ring.

Since majority of the members are new to Autonomous competition, they had spent quite some time to learn from the beginning until the coding for the Autonomous is nicely constructed. From the competition itself, the members gained a good experience and lots of knowledge in building and code the Autonomous robot. Yunus Bin Yakob, team leader for UNI10-Alpha, and along with his teammates learn lots of things from building the robot from scratches, using power tools to cut the metal and aluminium for the body of the robot to using sensors for the robot and learn how to code the robot. They managed to go for quarterfinal, but they lost to secure a place for the next round. Although they were not satisfied with the achievement, at least they managed to be in quarterfinal. For Vasu Devan A/L Mani, team leader for UNI10-Charlie, and along with his teammates had scarifies their time in designing, building and code the robot. They even stayed up all night until morning to build the robot as it is not an easy job and it requires passion and hard work.

UNI10-Alpha, UNI10-Bravo and UNI10-Charlie would like to give a big gratitude to the President of Mobile Robotics Club (MRC) , Abdul Muhaimin Bin Dahalil, our beloved MRC seniors, Loo Chuan Yin, Tiun Wai Ren and Nurul Anis Atiqah Binti Mohd Razali for their moral support and guidance throughout the process of building robots till the competition day. Without their support, the team would surely face a lot of obstacles and a hard time during the making of the Autonomous Sumo Robots. The team had promised themselves that they will bring glory to the MRC and UNITEN.


Note : This article is a courtesy of MRC UNITEN

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