My Roommate (My Experience in Amanah)


This is a true story that happened to me.

During my first semester of my degree life in UNITEN, I stayed over at Amanah, particularly in a room located somewhere on the second floor of A5. Amanah, as I had heard, had always been well-known for looking somewhat creepy but I chose to not simply judge a book by its cover. That was however until something happened that had me questioning everything.

Amanah was described to me as a rather creepy place to live in by my friends.

My roommate and I had settled in for the night, each lying down in our own respective beds, lights off, blankets warm, pillows hugged firmly to the chest. We got into a small conversation for a while until, slowly, the both of us lulled off into our own world of dreams. I remember everything was nice and quiet and peaceful, a soothing night almost.

But then, a huge thud immediately caught my attention. My eyes shot up wide open and I immediately looked to the carpeted floor, the apparent source of the noise. Fortunately, it was only my roommate who had somehow managed to fall off his bed in the middle of the night. In relief, I resumed sleep as normal, glad that it wasn’t someone breaking in or something.

I then awoke to a tickling sensation near my feet. I woke up in a flurry, my brain dashing from cockroach to rat to lizard, only to see my roommate’s limp hands around my legs. Apparently, he had somehow rolled over to my side of the room and was hugging my bed for comfort. I sighed, silently swearing in my head.

I kicked his hands off my bed somewhat in annoyance and settled back, closing my eyes yet again, hoping this time I would sleep with no trouble. But of course, that wouldn’t be the case. This time, there was no noise or touch that triggered me awake. It was just the sudden feeling of fear that awoke me. Hesitant, I turned around and lo and behold, my roommate was standing still, facing me, quiet.

This is the most accurate picture that I found on the web of how it felt like, minus the glowing eyes and the sharp teeth.

I freaked out, switching on my phone and with its limited light, I saw that his eyes were apparently closed shut. A closer inspection of my phone revealed the time was none other than, wait for it, 3AM on the dot. For a while, I just laid there, trying to not acknowledge the existence of the person apparently staring at me in my sleep. But I could only survive 15 minutes before I started panicking.

Uncomfortable and scared, I turned back to see he was still there, ominously gazing at my body. I got up, sprinted to the door, flipped on the lights, then once again sprinted downstairs to grab a fizzy beverage from the vending machine to calm down and after a solid 15 minutes, walked back to my room, hoping and praying to God. Upon returning, my roommate would be asleep, lying on the bed, as if nothing had ever even happened.

My issues were not yet over however. It happened again the next day. At 3AM. Same pose. Same standing figure looming over my bed, observing me.

And the next day. 3AM. Same pose. Same paranoia as I ran away from my room yet again to escape the clutches of my apparently possessed roommate.

And, you guessed it, the next day.

But just right before I considered evacuating the room and perhaps moving in with a less-traumatizing roommate, everything suddenly stopped as mysteriously as it began. I confronted my roommate about it but he swears he’s clueless and didn’t do anything on purpose.

To this day, me and my roommate are still great friends. We sometimes laugh about it as a good memory of the past but at least for me, it’s left a very chilling image. It wasn’t my only spooky encounter in that house however but it was in fact, my very first.

Written by: Anonymous

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