zarul 3KUALA LUMPUR, MAY 8 – Since 2013, Mister Planet Malaysia (MPM) through Malaysian United Nations Pageants (MUNP) have been promoting local causes for the nation’s economic growth.

With the eco-tourism and environmental theme, MPM 2016 had reached its finale in an event in Kompleks Kraf, Kuala Lumpur attended by hundreds of spectators, sponsors and both local and international celebrities.

MPM 2016 director, Azman Bosri said this year’s male beauty pageant MPM 2016 is different than the past 2 MPM’s in the way they are focusing on the environmental awareness, which they put the local tourism element in all the activities throughout the year to generate the local economic growth.

“Looking at the current plummeting economy, we had the idea to educate the contestants to be the tool to fix this problem through domestic tourism to ensure the money flow stays within the country,” he said, while highlighting the mission and vision of the event to make the environmental care as the core of our daily life and to produce individuals whom are responsible to promote the growth of the domestic tourism.

Students’ domination in this year’s edition

7 out of 16 contestants who were representing their states were students or local higher institution graduates.

“Through this event, we can remind the students out there whom will be the next generation’s leaders to be all-rounder and versatile in personality,” said 1 of the contestants, Zarul Zaqwan whom was representing Melaka in the event.

He who is currently a final year civil engineering student in Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) agreed that many students especially those who are from technical universities are not aware of the importance of such events.

“All events (from all fields/courses in university years) are equally important. There is no such thing as who can contribute more to the nation, everyone needs to play their role,” he added, while highlighting the support given by the university had also been one of the contributors of his success, although being a technical university. He was crowned this year’s Mister Intelligent and Mister Personality, apart being in the top 8 finalists.

In the Grand Finale event in Kuala Lumpur last weekend, Nazirul Mubin, 26, Mister Pulau Pinang who is also a graduate had been crown the Mister Planet Malaysia title and will represent Malaysia in the international Mister Planet in 2016/2017.

zarul 1
Zarul Zarwan (2 from left) receiving the “Mister Personality” award from Mister Borneo 2015 (2 from right) and Mister Planet Malaysia 2015 (far right)
zarul 2
Zarul Zaqwan (front) during the opening presentation of MPM 2016

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