Mid Autumn Festival – Reunion and Bonding

Participants of this year’s Mid Autumn Festival merrily showing off their homemade lanterns.

KAJANG, 30th October – The Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) organised a Mid Autumn Festival in the Leisure Hall on the 23rd October 2017, where a total of 50 people participated, comprising not only of Chinese students, but also Malays and Indians.

The festival started with a brief video explaining the concept of what a Mid Autumn Festival is. A traditional Chinese festival held on the 15th of August in the Chinese calendar every year, it revolves around the concept of gathering, thanksgiving and praying. Family members strengthen their bond by gathering to view the full moon and eating delicious mooncake while offering their gratitude for the good harvest. Others who are faraway will look at the moon while praying to be able to reunite with their family.

Participants enjoying the mooncakes that were prepared by CCS.

Games were also played during the festival to further lighten up the atmosphere, where facilitators questioned participants with puzzling riddles and awarded those who guessed correctly with bookmarks containing the riddles. After a short game session, the participants were then invited to indulge in some delicious mooncakes, comprising three different flavours: red bean, pandan and lotus seeds. Everyone was given a chance to mingle around and bask in the joy of the festival.

After the bonding session, the festival proceeded to lantern making. All of the participants were given the chance to make their own unique lanterns with the materials provided, and was then required to take a stroll around the lake with their own lanterns. The event ended with a prize giving session for the best three lanterns.

Participants walked around the lake with their very own lanterns.

Chew Hui Qian, the director of this year’s Mid Autumn Festival, expresses his gratitude and joy for the event, “I would like to thank everyone who came to support our Mid Autumn Festival. Your support and participation is what made our event a great success. From all the laughter, I believe that we did do better than last year thanks to the commitment and hard work of all the committee members.”

Lim Su Chien, the Vice Director of the festival also added joyfully, “We actually reached our maximum capacity for participants in the first week of registration. We feel more confident now, and believe that it can become a tradition in UNITEN. We hope that you look forward to the upcoming Musical Night on the 3rd of January next year!”

Written by: Andrew Chan

Photo Source: Vein Zhent

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