Merdeka: 1/365




land upon which thy blood spilt.


bring thy forks and thy spoons

savour thy nasi lemak and durian mcflurries,

waveth thy flag and singeth thy songs to the crisp air.


filleth the cosmos with chants of




(jangan lupa)


shaketh thy neighbour by thy hand,



“ni hao?”

while dancing thy kuda kepangs and zapins,

wearing thy wrinkled kebayas and saris,

forgetting thy louis vitton and thy hermes.


and waketh tomorrow,

in the chill of day.

droppeth thy flag to the

dusted shelves until

thy calendars






time to wash those wrinkled kebayas!


merdekakan otakmu from merdeka.



land upon which thy blood spilt.


Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

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