Maze Runner Makes Its Way Out with a Bang!


KAJANG, 22nd July – Maze Runner, a traditional run with a unique twist to it, inspired by the book and movie series, was conducted by SEALS (Soft-Skills Enhancement and Learning Support) UNITEN on 17th July 2017. Divided into three slots of 5:30pm, 8:00pm and 9:00pm, the event was participated by an impressive total of 450, aided by 100 committee members from UNITEN Diploma Club and SEALS. The event served as a fundraiser for SEALS\’ annual Mega Project for 2017 on coral planting, where the slogan \”A maze conquered, a coral planted\” was adopted as their slogan.

Divided into two main portions, participants of Maze Runner had to first run a 5km marathon from The Loop to UNITEN Student Centre while the second part consisted of a giant maze of which participants were forced to navigate through at the end of their marathon. To further challenge the participants,  obstacles were set up throughout the run for the participants to encounter.


One of the participants, Nur Haziqah Syazni binti Mohd Hatta, an Electrical Power Engineering student, described the run as one of a kind. When asked to elaborate, she was more than excited to explain. “For me, the giant maze is one of the most interesting highlights of the event, as we had to find our way out, which was fun. It is also worthwhile as you earn not only a t-shirt but also a medal; not just an ordinary medal, but a solid medal!”

Another participant, Nurul Aida binti Mohd Norddin who is also an Electrical Power Engineering student, had similar thoughts and experiences.

“Before the race started, we (the participants) were shown a video to make us feel a little bit scared. After the video ended, they played a countdown video and I felt a little bit nervous. They really do know how to make the run feel intense. During the earlier checkpoints, the obstacles were easy but they got tougher and tougher as we went along the route. It was very challenging to our minds and stamina but fun at the same time,” Aida commented, recounting her own experience in the run.

When asked of their participation for a similar event in the future, both girls enthusiastically nodded.



Director of Maze Runner, Vishalaendra Devindran, spoke with a tone of relief when addressing how he felt regarding the event. “We felt really grateful to those who have participated and understood the importance of saving the environment. We also felt great that we could give the best for the participants in terms of food and drinks, t-shirts and finisher medals. In addition, we were able to provide transportation to the residents who have no transport.”

Due to the high number of participation, SEALS UNITEN was successful in collecting sufficient funds and they hope to organize such events in the future.

“We would like to personally thank the university management, UNITEN Student Affairs Department, our partners UNITEN Diploma Club, Yayasan Canselor UNITEN, FDM, Security Department, USK and Yayasan Tenaga Nasional as well as our external sponsors Pachek Sdn. Bhd. and Seahawk Energy Services for their kind sponsors and services.”

“We would also like to address our sincere thanks to SEALS committee members, advisors and our UNITEN Diploma Club members and advisor for all the support and determination in making this event a triumph,” Vishalaendra added.

Written by Izyan Nabilah binti Zulkarnain

Edited by: Ahmad Danial \’Irfan bin Husain

Photo Source: SEALS.




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