Listen! (Or in this case read)

Have you ever felt that you were talking to a wall or worse somehow finding yourself strayed far from what you wanted to talk about because the person you were talking to simply would not listen. Denying our feelings, throwing unwanted questions or feedback when all you wanted was to share your story. I am sure that all of us has felt this and almost certain that we may have done this to someone else. Anna Akana explains the things that we do that kills conversation so simply and well that it made me realize that I am guilty of these as well. Some  things are so obvious and in our face but we just cannot see them. Seven things that kills conversations:

  1. Denying their feelings.
  2. Philosophical response.
  3. Questions.
  4. Defense of the other person.
  5. Pity.
  6. Amateur psycho analysis.
  7. Giving advice.

All these responses comes naturally to us. At times I have been guilty of committing all seven to a single person. We might feel that we are helping them but ultimately all we are doing is making them feel worse. The best responses are empathetic like acknowledging their feelings and understanding their worries. These are little things that we can improve on ourselves. Some say we have two ears and one mouth so that we listen more. I am sure that all of us wants a world where we can share out thoughts without fear of being put down or feeling ridiculed. Hence, take note of these little things and be the change that we want to see.

Thank you for reading and have a pleasant day.

Written by,Syed Muhammad Bin Syed Hood

Edited by, Nur Izzah Arrina Bt Muhamad Nasir

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