Lighting Up the E-Sports Spirit with E-Sports Spark!



KAJANG, 23rd August – E-Sports Spark, an event organised by the UNITEN E-Sports Club, was conducted on 19th August 2017 from 4.00pm till 10.00pm. Located at The Square, E-Sports Spark was attended by over 200 students. With the main objective of the event being to inform students and staff alike about the creation of the UNITEN E-Sports Club, the event also served to create an e-sports community in UNITEN to represent the university in outside tournaments such as Republic of Gamers and Malaysia Campus League.

The first huge scale event held by the newly found UNITEN E-Sports Club, E-Sports Spark was met with an ocean of excited faces. Game fanatics from all around UNITEN attended the event to commemorate their love for games. Setting up booths for the most popular games among UNITEN students such as Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), FIFA Online 3, DOTA 2 and League of Legends, visitors felt extremely happy.


“I came here to have fun!\” expressed Abdullah Muslih Abdul Saman, a second year engineering student who attended the event, \”I had the most fun in the CSGO and League of Legends gaming booth!”

Darwish Akmal Kamal Aris, an avid player of CSGO chuckled at the mention of his beloved game. “The only reason I came here was to participate in the CSGO gaming booth. Why? Because I love to win again and again!”

Aside from the main attractions, a booth for retro game lovers had also been set up, inclusive of previous popular titles such as Contra. In conjunction with that, the UNITEN Chess Club in collaboration with the UNITEN E-Sports Club had provided Electronic Chess for visitors to play with as well as an Online Chess Tournament for chess players to battle it out. Red Bull Malaysia was also present during the event to provide free Red Bull energy drinks to everyone at the event.


“Honestly, even though I don\’t play the other games as much as League of Legends, I love every booth as it shows the different culture and community of the game. The diversity and style of every pro player changes with the game, so it\’s an interesting thing to see altogether,” Ahmad Akif bin Ahmad, the president of UNITEN E-Sports Club commented excitedly.

In a nutshell, E-Sports Spark was conducted festively by the UNITEN E-Sports Club and received a huge response from the UNITEN community. The club is planning to conduct a much bigger event in the upcoming semesters.

The event director of E-Sports Spark, Navind Raj Ashokumar gave us a little spoiler as to what to expect from the club in the upcoming semester, “This event was like a roadshow for our upcoming officiating ceremony which will be held next semester. It is going to be a big event for us with panel talks to DOTA 2 tournaments packed with things to do. So, I hope it will be a great success.”



Written by: Muhammad Amir Hazim bin Jamaluddin

Photo Source: UNITEN E-Sports Club

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