Life is the Art of Dying

“Picture life as a blank canvas. Your life experiences are the colours that paint the canvas, while your death indicates that your painting is finally complete. Your finished painting is the legacy you leave behind for your loved ones to see and admire, so make sure to paint it well and paint it to the best of your abilities.”

The day we start to live; is the day our death clock starts ticking. It keeps ticking like a stopwatch until one day, it finally stops and we will leave the earth. Death is one of the few constants in a world filled with uncertainties, yet many of us overthink death to a point where we could not fully enjoy what life has to offer.

Life is a journey, a journey towards our death. It is inevitable, so it is better to embrace it as a part of life rather than to be afraid of it. Live every day to your fullest, do what makes you happy, and constantly try to improve yourself to be a better version of you. Do this every day and remember to experience every range of emotions while you are at it.

Go on adventures, make new friends, and be sure to make every single day count. On your bad days, count your blessings and on your good days, radiate that positive energy to the people around you. Appreciate everyone and everything, be sure to show love to your family as they are the people who love you unconditionally.

Be virtuous and always try to make the world a better place. Do this not for anyone else but yourself. When faced with regrets and disappointments, make sure to learn and grow from them, these are life lessons that you will carry with you till your final breath.

I believe that as we become old and frail, wealth, status, and power becomes secondary. What truly matters is how well we lived our lives, how well we loved the people around us, and how well we painted our canvas. So, don’t overthink the constants in life, but instead, focus on the variables and mould it according to your liking. Life is a blessing after all, so let’s cherish it as long as we can.

Written by Dinesha A/L S. Salvanaiagam

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