Leaders of UNITEN Becoming Super with Kem ‘Pemimpin Pelajar Super’!


SRC members and club presidents alike, happy and proud.

KAJANG, 19th December – “Kem Pemimpin Pelajar Super” was organized by the Student Affairs Centre (SAC) of Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) for three days and two nights beginning on 15th December 2017 and ending on 17th December 2017. Held in the Leisure Hall at Upten, the camp was participated by approximately 50 students, each representing their own respective club or society, from both Putrajaya campus and Muadzam Shah campus. The purpose of the camp was to further groom students’ leadership and soft skills through a series of modules that were conducted throughout the three days.

Led and conducted by Mr. Fauzul Na’im Ishak and Mr. Mohd Hanis Jenalis from Fine Academy, participants were split into six groups and were introduced to the concept of Fine Dollars, which they had to collect and accumulate throughout the camp through games and asking questions. On the very last day, groups were then required to invest their well-earned Fine Dollars in a game of psychological wits in the hopes of multiplying their money or losing it all entirely. At the end of the day, the winning group was “Luminous” which was led by CEO, Muhammad Amirul Lukman bin Mohd, a representative of Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Amanah (PPKA). They earned 33 million Fine Dollars, from their initial two million.

Luminous was crowned victorious after defeating the five other teams.

“Our victory was a huge thing to us since we never expected to win. However, we were lucky. We were able to leap past the other teams and claim first place, as a result of our teamwork, as well as our competitive spirit,” he commented.

Participants of other groups, despite losing, still described having a great time. “It was interesting!” said Afidiaisyah binti Salleh, Vice President of the UNITEN Archery Club, “It made me feel excited and I got to do new things as well as meet new people. Plus, I managed to learn a lot more about myself.”

Adib bin Redzuan, the Vice President of Sekretariat Rakan Muda UNITEN (SERAMU), also expressed feelings of satisfaction. “I was a little nervous at first since the Student Representative Council (SRC) and other club presidents were involved but after the camp started, I realized that actually, we’re all leaders. After that, I was able to make friends with students not just from Putrajaya but also from Muadzam Shah.”

Throughout the three days, students were able to learn a lot about themselves.

Eventually, all groups were given a hamper to share and take home. Nur Shazura binti Roslan, a representative of the SAC, declared that the camp would be definitely conducted again in the future. “This camp is an annual program, which we from SAC will conduct yearly without fail. Every year, we will listen to the feedback of the students and make improvements in order to further enhance the experience that the students may attain.”

When asked regarding SAC’s hopes for the future, Nur Shazura replied, “We have big expectations for them and we wish that all the participants of this camp won’t just become great leaders in UNITEN but also outside of campus life, while also proudly carrying the name of UNITEN.”

Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

Photo Source: Student Affairs Centre Uniten

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