KUSA Annual Grand Meeting

KAJANG, 31st MARCH 2018 – Dated 26th March 2018, the Annual Grand Meeting of Koperasi Uniten was  conducted. It took place at BV Theatre at 6:30 p.m. and ended by 7:15 p.m. A sum of 30 students and alumni along with the guest of honour, Puan Norazizun binti Mohd Saad, Director of UNITEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP CENTER, were present.


Few of the committee members of the society


The meeting began with a short brief about the overall meeting held by the Head of Cooperative and Entrepreneur Development, Gavin Rajkumar. The objective of the club is to give opportunity to students and alumni of UniTen a place to establish ideas and invest into business.

As known by others, this club was initially called Uniten Kajang Cooperation. However during the meeting announcement were made about the changing of the club’s name to Uniten Kajang Student and Alumni Cooperation, or in Malay, Koperasi Uniten Siswa dan Alumni (KUSA). This was done to avoid the confusion for Uniten Cooperation.



Anindra(left) and Gavin(right) during the Q&A session.


Anindra, the High Community of the club, continued the speech about proposed fees needed to pay. As said during the meeting, RM10 was being charged per member as deposit to join the club. Furthermore, RM100 is the minimum proposed for the investment scheme but this is yet to be finalized. As the club is still under development, they cannot explain anything in detail yet.


The mic was later passed to Puan Norazizun. She explained how the cooperation works, the benefits of joining and suggestion on business ideas. It was followed by the talk from Tn Azharee Abd Wahid, an alumni of Uniten who were sharing about the tips and start up for the cooperation. Last but not least, an experience was shared by Mr Husni, also an alumni of Uniten, about struggles during his time doing business as a student.


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                Mr. Husni                                             Puan Norazizun                                                   Tn Azharee Abd Wahid


So,overall this Koperasi is being started to benefit the students economically.Therefore,its time for our Uniten students to invest for the betterment of our future.It is very important to invest these days but to invest nows’ the time,as Uniten has provided us a great platform.To start somewhere is from here.



 Committee members of KUSA and the students present


Written by: Sharmella a/p Ramalingam and Aliya Nur Najieha Binti Husain Ahmad



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