#KITAUNITEN Townhall: Empowering Student Voices

A remarkable townhall meeting took place at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) on the 29th of July 2023, where students and representatives came together to address various issues and propose innovative solutions. The event, marked by proactive engagement and collaborative efforts, highlighted the spirit of #KITAUNITEN. With presentations from the Club Societies Department, the Student Representative Council (SRC), and the Welfare Department, the meeting showcased initiatives that aimed to enhance student welfare and improve the campus experience.

Katiravan Munusamy, from the Club Societies Department, started the meeting by emphasizing significant dates for clubs, especially the upcoming Club Fiesta 2.0 scheduled from 26th to 28th October 2023. Clubs were advised to be vigilant about registration since only 40 clubs could participate. The Club Fiesta offered a platform for clubs to showcase their talents, and a total of 12 awards were up for competition among participating clubs.

Additionally, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) was announced to be held from 16th October to 15th November 2023. The AGM’s standard implementation involved the participation of the Liaison Officer, Club Advisor, and SRC, along with mandatory reporting documentation. To facilitate the process, all clubs would receive RM200 cash allocation for their AGMs.

Muhammad Irham bin Shaari, the Secretary of the SRC, presented a list of Official Letters (OLs) sent to the management, representing student requests and concerns. Notable OLs included:

  1. Request to Change Mode of Learning during Festivities:

Students proposed transitioning from physical to online learning mode one day before and after festive occasions, with no assessments during the following week. The management approved this request, initially applying it to Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

  • Request to Add Display Panels:

SRC sought to add 20 display panels for exhibitions and the upcoming Club Fiesta 2.0. The request is currently under review by the management.

  • Request for Free Registration for 360 GEM:

Students requested free registration for the Global Exchange and Mobility program, which previously required a RM 400 fee per program. The request was approved, offering greater accessibility to international opportunities.

Mohamad Farhan bin Mohammad Fuad, from the Welfare Department highlighted the SRC’s welfare initiatives, aimed at supporting students’ well-being:

  1. Flood Relief Donation in Collaboration with YCU:

Cash donations were provided to students affected by floods after conducting a survey to identify those in need.

  • Food Bank at Campus:

A Food Bank was established on campus to ensure food security, especially for students in need, those staying on campus during weekends and also during the month of Ramadan.

  • Facility Meeting with All Departments:

Regular meetings with all departments enabled students to voice their concerns and complaints directly to the respective UNITEN departments.

Ammar bin Zoheir, from the Corporate Communications and Public Relations Department, stated the main mediums used by the student council to update students regularly, namely through apps like Instagram, Facebook, Telegram channels and the SRC website.

He also introduced the SRC’s weekly blog page on their website, which effectively communicates the initiatives undertaken by the SRC each week. This initiative aims to keep students informed and engaged.

The highly anticipated Students Speak Out session provided a platform for students to voice their opinions and raise issues affecting them. Among the concerns shared were the lack of access to medical supplies on campus, the inconsistent timing of bus arrivals, and the introduction of Menu Rahmah in UNITEN. The SRC promptly addressed these concerns, sharing plans to integrate medical supply provisions with the food bank, introduce a bus tracking system through the UNITEN LIFE app, and unfortunately, the Menu Rahmah will not be implemented in UNITEN campus anytime soon, as the process to get it approved is quite complicated.

The President of SRC, Ahmad Thareeq bin Mohd Isa, expressed gratitude for the students’ active participation, stressing the significance of student voices in shaping positive change. He assured students that the SRC would continue to work diligently to resolve the issues raised during the meeting, fostering an environment where students’ concerns are heard and addressed.

By:  Kummudasri Uthayarajan , Kaminy Varma

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