#KITAUNITEN Club Bazaar-Gempak Raya 2019

KAJANG, 28th June 2019 – #KITAUNITEN Club Bazaar was held on the 26th and 27th June 2019. The event took place at The Square, UPTEN, a small complex situated at the far end of the UNITEN campus. The event ran from 2:00 PM to 10:00 PM on June 26th and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM on June 27th. This successful event was organized by the Student Representative Council (SRC), UNITEN’s very own student parliament. This bazaar was extremely successful as there were approximately 40 UNITEN’S clubs and Student Chapters that came together at The Square to promote their clubs while recruiting new members. The bazaar also attracted students from other institutions to join in on the fun and promote their clubs and projects.


This year, a group of students from  Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)  joined the bazaar and were very ecstatic as they explained to us about a very interesting project they were working on. The project was on a research regarding diseases like dengue fever, rabies, Nipah virus infection and Leptospirosis. “We are doing a research on a few diseases as it is a compulsory for us, to ensure we can proceed on our next semester at UPM. This event is a great opportunity for us to increase awareness about these diseases,” said a 2nd year medical student from UPM.




Besides that, Club Bazaar also provided a stage for clubs and performers to show off their talents while entertaining the crowds. “This is my first job as an emcee. It, really is, a  good starting ground for me and I felt welcomed as I was entertaining my own friends at my very own home, UNITEN. I think that this event is a huge success as all the clubs are cooperating with one another. They are entertaining people with fun games and challenges and it is also easy for people to mingle around with each other and have fun,” said the emcee of the event.

In addition, there were a variety of mouth-watering food stalls at the bazaar such as fried chicken, mango milkshake, chicken rice and others. Most of the food were selling like hot pancakes. Other than food stalls, there were also other vendors selling various goodies.

During the final evening, a feast in conjunction with Eid Celebration was organized by the Student Representative Council in collaboration with Wawasan Club. As a climax for the celebration, awards were given to the top three clubs by the President of SRC, Mr. Amer Danial accompanied by Mr. Fahmi, the program director, to celebrate the clubs’ efforts and achievements. The 1st place Best Booth award was given to the WAWASAN club as their booth was well decorated based on a vintage and elegant theme. The 2nd and 3rd Best Booth award were given to Islamic Studies Society (PPI) and E-sport Club for their creativeness and wonderful choice of colors.

The Best Event of the Night was given to none other than PKC for their Drama Night, which was titled Coup D’état. The drama received outstanding reviews from the audiences. The second place for this award was given to E-sports Club, who hosted the Mobile Legends Season 1 Competition. This event was overwhelmed with attentions from the students due to the current Mobile Legend trend. KAREN club came in third due to their ‘Projek Kayak UNITEN’ that was held every Monday and Thursday. The program recently became one of UNITEN students’ favorites because of its adventurous nature and a great opportunity for outdoor newbies.


” Once you open up that curiosity door anything is possible,” Mr. Clark from Stranger Things.


Finally, the Best Club Award was rewarded to EVA (a.k.a Electric Vehicle Association) for their best performances and efforts in making UNITEN proud through all the competitions they took part in. The second place was received by ASTENA Club. Their theater was one of the highlights of the year as it received a lot of positive responses from our students. PPI was the third receiver for this category. They contributed to plenty Islamic talks in UNITEN. They also showed their support for Sudan through Instagram posts.

The program went as planned and the goals which were to provide a platform to new and existing students to join clubs and whichever student chapters they wanted were achieved. Furthermore, the main objective of the Club Bazaar was to encourage students to have at least one club to teach them skills that cannot be acquired inside the classroom such as interpersonal communication skills, planning programs, working in one organization et cetera. “What I got from this program is that every execution needs to be carefully planned even if it is a small matter, to avoid any negative implications,” said the Program Director of the event.

In conclusion, a university or college is not only a place to study but also to practice our existing skills and learn new ones. This event was a success because everyone worked hard and contributed their ideas to their respective booths. On the other hand, we can also ensure that this event could give a positive impact on our relationships and bonds with everyone involved.


Written by,Nurbadrina Eyza binti Yusoff & Arveen Anbarasan

Proofread by,Nur Izzah Arrina bt Muhd Nasir & Rayvathi a/p Theivindran

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