JCCU’s Yukata Workshop

Group photo of JCCU’s committee and all of the participants.


PUTRAJAYA, 12TH JUNE – “Yukata Workshop”, organized by Japanese Culture Club UNITEN (JCCU) was successfully held at Leisure Hall, UNITEN Student Centre (USC) on 9th June 2017. The workshop received participation of approximately 80 students, with half of them being members of the club itself. The aim of the workshop was to introduce the participants to the history of the yukata, a Japanese garment, as well as the proper manner of dressing in one.

The instructor for the workshop, Nursyaheerin Ayumi Binti Abu Bakar, also a member of JCCU, emphasized on the dire importance of wearing the yukata correctly as wearing the yukata in a specific way may be considered weird in Japanese customs. “Wearing the yukata right on top of left is only for corpses,” she reminded the class.

When asked about her feelings regarding the workshop, one of the participants, Nadhrah Hayati binti Mohd Sebri, answered happily. “I was so excited when I got the yukata and even though it took some time to understand on how to wear it, the end result was really satisfying! I am really looking forward to Bon Odori now.”

Bon Odori, one of the summer festivals celebrated in Japanese culture, involves people performing a dance in traditional Japanese garments, specifically yukata.

Yukata was also on sale during the workshop for participants to buy and wear during Bon Odori that will be organized at Stadium Shah Alam, Selangor on 22nd July 2017.

When asked whether this kind of workshop will be held again in the future, the program director, Aisyah binti Ibrahim nodded her head and said, “I am overwhelmed by the number of participants and I really hope I could make this event again in the future since there is definitely room for improvements.” She also expressed her gratitude toward fellow committee members that had been such a great help in making the workshop successful.


The instructor explained on how to wear yukata to the participants.


Participants with their Yukata on posing with friends.


Written by: Raja Noor Hafawati binti Raja Azman Shah

Credit: Yukata’s Info and Najah Rashid, Aidil Mazlan & Rafiq Rehir for the pictures.

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