Indie, Not To Be Confused with Hindi.

As a fellow music connoisseur, I love recommending my friends great undiscovered gems and nothing is more obscure than an indie song. Coined from the word ‘independent’, indie is a genre of music where the music is produced independently. This process includes an autonomous, hands on approach to recording and publishing, which gives artists close to complete control over their music. However, nowadays the term indie is more often used to describe a specific type of sound accompanied by singers with breathy voices.

Being an umbrella term, there are actually way more layers to the genre than one might think! Popular subgenres such as indie rock or indie pop has swept the nation by storm. Moreover, music that is not independently produced are also occasionally grouped together in the genre as many independent music artists do not fall into a single, defined musical style or genre. Many of the songs, since written by the singer themselves, have a very deep personal touch to them.

Their emotions truly pour into the music allowing us listeners to be graced by works of art. Indie music has a lot to do with lyrics. I just love listening to the lyrics that indie artists use because there’s always meaning to the words. It’s great for when you are in a specific mood, or maybe for studying or chilling. It can be quite soothing, depending on who you listen to. The music also truly comes from the heart based on past baggage and experience, usually not meant to be commercialised. They make music because the like it. It’s more of a passion than a means of a paycheck. Hence, the music is not usually met with high reception. It’s a total contrast with artists from bigger labels who ultimately make music for profit.

Conspiracies aside, all music is great to listen to whenever we want but of course, we all have our bias to the kind that we find more personally pleasing to our ears. Another perk with being a fan of the genre is most of the artists don’t have as much followers or listeners compared to bigger, more mainstream artists, so it’s more unique than what we hear day to day on the radio. There is also pride in being that one person that recognizes that really cool song that played at that hipster cafe down the street.

Another personal opinion, when you’re in a funk, jam out to some indie music to really let all your emotions run wild. Nothing beats purging out all that bad energy than listening to quality music from talented people like clairo or mxmtoon. Ending off this article with quick tangent to my current favourite indie song Prom Queen by Beach Bunny, a song where insecurities and woes were poured out beautifully in a written piece with a catchy melody. It really gets you right in the feels. Give it a quick listen when you can!

Written by,Nurul Amanina binti Naushad

Edited by,Rayvathi a/p Theivindran

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