IET Uniten Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Talk

Speaker, audience and committee members of the IET Uniten Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union Talk.

KAJANG, 20th July –  A technical talk entitled “IET Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union” was organized by IET UNITEN On Campus on the 20th July 2017 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm, catered to expose students to the broadcasting world, a vital topic to be educated on in this modern era. However, due to the rapid evolution of technology, broadcasting’s career prospects are not well known amongst the younger generation.

Located at BV Theatre 1, the talk featured Dr Amal Punchihewa who is currently the Director of Technology at Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union. Besides his current position in ABU, Dr Amal is also the advisor of the IET Vision and Imaging Technical and Professional Network.

He possesses more than 32 years of experience in all three sectors of broadcasting namely in academia, research and industry. He also has published over one hundred and fifty (150) scholarly articles in various journals including IEEE and IET digital libraries and transactions.

In this talk, Dr. Amal explained about the evolution as well as the future of frequency bands, the difference between data streaming and broadcasting and much more technical information as well as the current issue and the future of the broadcasting industry.

One of the associate member of IET, Chan Jia Yuan said, “After listening to the talk, I’d like to say that it was really a good technical talk. Before, the word broadcasting in my mind was just related to a medium that disseminates via telecommunications or just simply a method taking part in a radio or tv program, but how actually broadcasting works I definitely didn’t know. I really appreciate that IET has invited Dr Amal Punchihewa, providing a chance for Uniten students to approach the basic technical levels of broadcasting.”

“After this talk, it had increased my understanding regarding the broadcast. It also helps me sort out some of my doubts about broadcasting, like how does broadcast television hold up versus cable ratings and how much does TV and radio broadcasting contribute to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product. I also get extra information like how many radio and TV stations are there in the United States. I really enjoyed this talk and I look forward towards IET Uniten On Campus’ upcoming events like this,” he further commented.


Dr Amal Punchihewa showing that TV channels can be watched on mobile devices with just a tiny antenna.


The event organizer, Alvin Chua Chee Siang, is glad of their club’s initiative of hosting a talk, exposing students to the world of broadcasting. “When I listen to Dr. Amal’s presentation, I get the vibe of listening in a world class talk event like TED Talk. I feel that broadcasting is a very interesting topic and it provided a lot of application knowledge that you can only gain by years of experience. ”

“I hope that this event can be organized again targeted especially to students who are into electronics and power engineering field. Of course, I recommend students who pursue in other fields to join the talk as a bonus knowledge which is a rare opportunity,” he added.


Dr Amal showing that TV channels can be watched with mobile devices with just a tiny antenna


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