How To: Photography Workshop

KAJANG , 11th  April 2018 – On April 11th 2018, Skuad Media Uniten organized their first ever photography workshop. The workshop, titled ‘How To: Photography’, was conducted by Muhammad Amir Muzzammil Bin Zulkifli. Amir is a UNITEN graduate who majored in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and currently works as a freelance photographer at 4 Lensa Photography.

The workshop kicked off at 910 AM. Amir began by introducing some basic photography concepts and terminologies to the participants. Some of the participants, who are already seasoned veterans, appreciated the brief refresher course while the rest of them found the lesson very informative and concise. After wading their way through technical terms such as focal length, aperture and ISO, Amir shared with the participants some of his experiences as a professional freelance photographer. He recounted tales of difficult customers and challenging shooting conditions, all the while imbuing his talk with energy and enthusiasm for the craft.

The most exciting part of the workshop was undoubtedly the practical photoshoot. Participants armed with their expensive cameras clambered to take photos of the model, Anis bt Idros. Anis, the bold and fearless model, who also happens to be the director of the event said: “I have never had that many cameras pointed my way but it was indeed fun. Also, I thought we all could use some fun and just enjoy the session.” Amir and his team also gave the participants many tips to help them capture the perfect photo.

After the photoshoot, Amir taught the participants to utilize photo editing software to really make their photos stand out. Here are some of the photos submitted by the participants:


All in all, the How To: Photography workshop was a success. A Foundation in Engineering student, Faqihah had this to say: “I really learned a lot about photography because usually, I would just snap a photo just like that, but now I know that we have to adjust several things such as the exposure, contrast, temperature et cetera.”

Written By: Rayden Sia

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