HEROES – BIG Changes Ahead for Skuad Media, Emceevengers and NADi!

Committee members of Skuad Media, and Emceevengers from both campuses alongside committee members of NADi.

MUADZAM SHAH, 31st July – “House of Excellence: Restructuring of Organization of Emceevengers and Skuad Media (HEROES)” was organized on the 30th July 2017 at The Curve, Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Muadzam Shah Campus. Organized by Emceevengers and Skuad Media Uniten (SMU), the event was conducted from 12:00pm to 6:30pm and was attended by the directors of SMU and Emceevengers from both Putrajaya and Muadzam Shah Campuses, alongside the director of NADi.

With the objective of exchanging relevant knowledge and updates between the clubs of both campuses, the event served as a platform for improvement of all parties. Aiman Azhari bin Abdul Rahim, as a member of the student representative council (SRC) who attended the meeting clarified further on the aim of the event. “We want to gather and see improvements in both campuses as well as further strengthen our organization. As we have been able to observe as of recently, there have been several issues that have occurred on both campuses and, with this gathering, I hope that each party is able to receive the help they need.”

To help each other out, discussions were held in order to attain only the best results.

Among the issues discussed included changes in the organization and management of departments under both clubs as well as the implementation of NADi in UNITEN Muadzam Shah Campus. Muhammad Syafiq Zhafri bin Kamaruddin, director of Skuad Media Uniten in Putrajaya, further mentioned the recent changes in the organization of the members that have recently occurred in Putrajaya and their wish to spread their tactics to Muadzam Shah.

Muhammad Nurhakim bin Abdul Halim, Assistant Director 2 of Emceevengers Muadzam Shah Campus, expressed their interest and excitement in accepting NADi to their campus. “From my perspective, Emceevengers and SMU have been renowned organizations in both campuses. However, NADi is still young and foreign to us here. Ergo, my hope is that NADi could be implemented in KSHAS and stand on the same level as Emceevengers and SMU.”

With promises to make big plans in the future, they encouraged their followers to prepare themselves for the future.

When asked to reach out to their followers, Muhammad Nurhakim encouraged them to wait expectantly. “For anyone out there, who is really interested in our movement, I really hope that you could utilize the service that we provide and to not stop believing in us. We could be the best alternative to help you guys out during an event and we are going to push forth our best efforts to make sure that your event is going to be smooth and without blunder. We are going to make everything looks unerring by using our skills effectively.”

We, here at NADi, would like to officially welcome Muadzam Shah to our organization and we urge readers to wait to read up on events that happen not only here, but also at Muadzam Shah. Stay tuned!

Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

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