Hats Off to \’Women in Engineering\’!


KAJANG, 16th July –  An engineering talk entitled \”Woman in Engineering\” was organized by IET UNITEN On Campus on the 13th July 2017 from 7:30pm to 10:30pm, catered especially towards female students who are majoring in engineering courses. Located at BV Theatre 1, the talk featured three women who are currently working in the field of engineering with success: Miss Lee Hui Jing from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Miss Farah Hanani from Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) as well as Miss Nisa Athirah Ali from Petronas.

With the low percentage of women involved in the engineering field, the talk focused on explaining as to why engineering is not only for men, but also as to the significance of their female counterparts in the workplace. It also aimed at encouraging female students majoring in engineering to strive forward despite being the minority and to realize the innate potentials they have within themselves.

One electrical and electronics engineering major, Fiona Sharon Hillary felt inspired and determined after listening to the talk. \”The event has boosted my spirit to become an engineer,\” she recounts happily, \”The speakers really inspired me a lot and I now know that there are also successful lady engineers out there, especially in the oil and gas industry.\”


Teoh Seh Key, another electrical and electronics engineering major, stands at a similar stance, commenting on how she is now motivated to begin her life as an engineer. \”This event gave me a very positive feeling and a very great understanding to my occupational expectations for the future. I actually chose engineering because I did better in maths and science during my high school years, and of course the promising future of engineering career path. I totally agree with Miss Farah that women are more focused in working to solve problems instead of doing for the sake of \”work\”. This talk has encouraged and motivate me. I\’m proud to become an engineer in the future.\”

The event organizer, Chia Ying Yuen, is glad of their club\’s initiative at hosting a talk, targeted directly at women to provide them with a basic view of what is to come. “This is a good way to let the students know the field prospects of engineering before they set their first step into the working world. IET Uniten hopes that the participants can get some inspirations and aspirations from the speakers and enjoy their engineering life before and after graduation.\”


Written by: Anonymous

Photo Source: IET UNITEN On Campus


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