Hats Off to Graduates of 2017! – UNITEN Convocation 2017

Ecstatic, graduates were more than happy to have finally graduated.

KAJANG, 14th August – Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) Convocation 2017 was successfully held in Dewan Seri Sarjana in the span of three days, from 12th August 2017 to 14th August 2017. Celebrating the graduation of a whopping number of 2979 students taking diploma, degree and post graduate courses, the event was ceremoniously attended by the chancellor of UNITEN himself, Tuan Yang Terutama Tun Dato’ Seri Utama Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas alongside UNITEN’s two pro-chancellors, Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Leo Moggie and Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Datuk Ir. Dr. Hj. Ahmad Tajuddin Ali.

The convocation for this year was compartmentalized into five sessions, where students were divided by their respective courses. Among the graduates were UNITEN’s very own first batch of Tahfiz Engineering students. Musab bin Zulkefli, as a Tahfiz student who majors in Mechanical Engineering, felt very thankful to Allah for graduating.

The very first batch of Tahfiz students have finally graduated from UNITEN.

“Living as a Tahfiz student is just the same as living as a normal Muslim. It’s just that, as a Tahfiz student, you have extra things to learn, so that’s the only thing that’s different. However, we can’t use it an excuse to not communicate with others. We have to learn how to manage our time well.”

Musab then proceeds to sentimentally recall some of his best moments in UNITEN, “I remember performing Umrah with my Tahfiz friends two years ago. There were around two students and one lecturer who accompanied us.”

Aside from the convocation in DSS, parents were ushered to The Square to watch their children receiving their albums live. Heavy with emotion, the ambiance in The Square was incredible. Zulkfli bin Ahmad Husin, as the father to Electrical and Electronics Engineering major, Muhammad Amir Muzammil bin Zulkifli, was in tears as he recalled his son’s first steps into UNITEN. “I’ve had a lot of aspirations for my first son but today, I am speechless. All of the sacrifices and hard work I did was all for my son.“

His mother, Jamilah binti Amat, also had a few words to say, “I feel very thankful to Allah as my son has completed his aspirations with his own efforts. I only gave him my support and my advice and now, he’s become a great example to his younger siblings. Thank you very much, UNITEN.”

A variety of stalls selling food, drinks and presents were also held at The Square to further lighten up the atmosphere of this year’s convocation. Alongside the photography booths as well as the huge number of personal picture sessions taken by this year’s graduates, The Square was alive with noise.

Gan Zhi Han, after five years of CIvil Enginerering, finally finished his course.

“I felt nostalgic because it really brings a lot of memories and I never really expected to reach that point after five years. Five years will end in a very short, so never let any opportunities to slip away,” said Gan Zhi Han, previous editor-in-chief of NADi.

Dato’ Prof. Ir. Dr. Kamal Nasharuddin bin Mustapha, Vice Chancellor of UNITEN felt proud over the accomplishments of the graduates. “We hope that the graduates further grow and succeed in their work life after UNITEN as well as take care of and further boost the reputation of UNITEN. I’d also like to remind them to always remember the sacrifices their family made,” he commented, wishing all the best to this year’s batch of graduates.

NADi UNITEN would like to personally congratulate all of you for your achievements and for successfully finishing your courses here in UNITEN. Whatever your results may be, we hope that each and every one of you finds your proper path in life! Don’t forget us juniors here in UNITEN and pray that we succeed and graduate like you all too.

Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

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