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Having a vast and interesting wardrobe collection is one of the coolest possible things to possess. Be that as it may, to constantly purchase new clothing just to follow the latest fad, that is a very unwise thing to be done. Truth is that hard cash is hard to come by these days especially when for the most part, you are a full-time student and money is always a constraint in our daily life equations. This kind of practices are harmful to our financial wellness plus, it injures our beloved green planet as we speak. Business models that produce low-cost clothing collections are severing the well-being of the environment. Their whole production requires an immense amount of water and chemical usage while also emitting significant proportions of greenhouse gases putting ‘fashion’ at the second most polluting industry on earth right after, oil. To make things even worse, the lowest paid workers can be found in the garment industry. Notice how some fashion brands are quick to come up with new designs weekly instead of seasonally. In fancy words, they are called fast fashion. What we now fear is the speed of its growth while consuming resources and releasing pollutes.

So how exactly do we overcome it? Easy. For me, I choose thrift shopping. It is one of the profuse methods in saving the Earth while having yourself fulfil your own materialistic desires. I’ve been thrifting for quite some time and I can confidently say that there ain’t much of a downside. I prefer to think of thrift shopping as treasure hunting. Just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get out there, you just find things you aren’t even looking for.

If you are anything like me, having an eye on weird and rare items, like that one time I bought a coin pouch made of whole frog skin in Sabah, then you’re to enjoy things you might find in a thrift store.



One can benefit greatly through thrifting.

1 Financially speaking, your wallet won’t suffer as much as you would surely spend less on pre-loved items. Second-hand items tend to be a lot cheaper, being sold at a reasonable price and if you happen to have luck by your side, you might even find good quality and well-branded items inside the huge pile. Do make sure to always carry a rabbit’s foot with you the next time you go thrifting.

2 Earn the mother’s Come on folks, for once be a good child. Our mother nature is trying her best to survive today. If you are not willing to help, just don’t make it worse. The Earth needs a hero and you can be one.

3 One thing I learned about thrifting is to be grateful for the things I already own.

My mother has been a high school teacher ever since I could remember. She would tell me stories of her students most of the time. Although she is known for her strict figure, pupils are also aware of her caring side of being a teacher as she is a loving mother. There was one time during which a field trip was to be held for the whole class and all the boys agreed with each other on wearing jeans except for this one fella. They all asked him as to why he did not and he answered, “Never have I owned a pair and my family cannot afford one for me to wear.” It sounded made up but unfortunately, it was not. Upon hearing this, the other boys threw in their share for a friend’s sake then went to a local bundle store. They presented him a pair of denim the next day. Not the best and not the worst of quality of any denim. The guy burst into tears. Not just any tears but tears of joy and appreciation. To him, it was probably the best gift he had ever received. Most of us are blessed with good fortune yet are blinded by greed and selfishness. Take a quick moment to look back on what we already have and be grateful.

4 Some stores give away their profit in the name of charity and donations. The nearest one I know of is the Bargain Basement in IOI City Mall and there is another I encountered, Kawan Shop back in George Town, Penang. Besides, in for a penny, in for a good cause, right?



5 Find yourself. One of the best things of thrift shopping is, there are no rules. No boundaries in mix-matching whatever you find and bring about a new style. A style that can define who you are. But the most important part of it all is to have some fun. At the end of the day, you might just find yourself surrounded by the best of people whom you can call friends.




Here are some thrift stores near the campus and the used goods they sell:

Bargain Basement @ IOI City Mall: clothing, footwears, books, sports equipment, hobby stuff, plushies, toys
Trade & Cash @ next to Family Mart Kajang: musical instruments, antiques, sports equipment, toys
Uptown Jalan Reko @ Kajang: hiking attires, clothing, footwear (certain stalls only)
Uptown The Mines @ Seri Kembangan: clothing, footwear (certain stalls only)
Sasuke Premium Outlet @ Bandar Baru Bangi: clothing, footwears
YSF Preloved Bundle @ Kajang: clothing, footwears
Flea Market Bangi @ Bangi Gateway: clothing, footwear, domestic items (certain stalls only)
JBR Bundle Balakong @ Cheras: clothing, footwears
Bazar Karat Streetmall @ Bandar Baru Bangi: antiques
My Adventure Häus @ Puchong: hiking equipment, hiking attires


Treasure hunting nowadays requires only a good eye and the right attitude. You won\’t be needing shovels nor treasure maps to get you to the \’x\’ mark. Okay, maybe Google maps might come in handy along the way but other than that, you\’re good to go. And make sure to clean the clothes thoroughly before putting them on.

So, if there is a kid walking up to you, laughing and asks, “Is that your grandma’s coat?”

Just say, “No, I don’t think so. But it could be yours.”




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