Graduating with Flying Colours from The Academy 2017!



KAJANG, 10th August – The Academy 2017: Think, Create, Lead, an event organised by the Student Representative Council was conducted on the 5th and 6th of August from 8.00am till 5.00pm and involved 106 participants in total. Located at BA-04-27 in the Administration building, The Academy was also attended by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mat Isa as well as members of alumni from all four organizations.

Divided into two days, the event comprised many activities and served as a platform to reinforce the bond that binds the SRC, Skuad Media UNITEN (SMU), EmceeVengers (EV), NADi and SRC Executives together, as well as to polish their skills in each of their respective fields. These include workshop sessions with alumni, group activities as well as a crash course on how to build the perfect proposal.

“Both days delivered beneficial information and were both extremely important to us, as members of EV, NADi, SMU and SRC Executives. If the event was extended to three days, I would still definitely come,” Luqman Haziq bin Ramli, a member of EmceeVengers, commented excitedly on The Academy 2017.

He also expressed his thankfulness to the alumni who attended the event. “They made an effort to come here and share their previous experiences, both good and bad, for us to learn from despite not being paid a cent. For that, we are very grateful!”


Members of alumni from both UNITEN Putrajaya as well as UNITEN Muadzam Shah for all four organizations attended The Academy to guide the current batch of members in further improving their skills as well as to provide them with tips.

Among them includes Prishanthini Manoharan, Nor Aida Ali, Mohamad Shafuan Roslan and Che Wan Mohd Faizul Che Wan Yusof from EV, Khairul Izzudin Sulaiman from NADi, Mohamad Solehin Mohd Arshad, Irfan Iskandar Alfian, Ruzaini Siomar and Raimy Shafiq Rathuan from SMU as well as Nur Aimi Husnina Mohd Zain, Nurfadhilah Zainudin and Muhammad Aliff Abdul Samad from SRC.

“I think the alumni session was good. It was good to know the alumni’s experience, problems and solutions. We might go through the same problem and might need the same solution,” Mohamad Irsyad Danish Shaz, Deputy President II of the current SRC for 2017/2018 said, thanking the alumni from the bottom of his heart.

Aside from the alumni, participants were also graced with knowledge from Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aziz as he delivered a speech on leadership.

Several group activities were also held to further improve the relationships between members of all four organizations, ranging from an activity that required participants to anonymously write down one\’s first impressions about one another, as well as a pressuring debate that involved all four organizations to fight it out.


“I had the best time in the debate slot. Everyone had really unleashed their true potential. We could see some people who we’ve never seen giving a speech participating actively in the debate and giving out support when their team needed it,” Muhammad Luqman Syakir from SMU exclaimed, giving a vivid remark on one of the activities in The Academy 2017.

All in all, The Academy 2017 ended with all sides feeling satisfied with the general flow of the program. Syafiq Zhafri as the director of The Academy 2017 felt very proud of his committee for organizing the event, “Our main agenda was to strengthen the bond between the organisations and its members. We also had alumni sharing their experience. To me, the event was a success.”

We, from NADi, would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all the alumni who made some time to guide and teach us! Wish us the best of luck for the future of our organizations as well as ourselves and in syaa Allah, we will pray that your good deeds will only be returned with only more good deeds.

Written by: Muhammad Amir Hazim bin Jamaluddin.

Edited by: Ahmad Danial \’Irfan bin Husain.



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