GLU Summit 2019

 UniKl,20th April 2019

Industry 4.0 refers to a new phase in the Industrial Revolution that focuses heavily on interconnectivity, automation, machine learning, and real-time data. Industry 4.0, also sometimes referred to as IIoT or smart manufacturing, marries physical production and operations with smart digital technology, machine learning, and big data to create a more holistic and better-connected ecosystem for companies that focus on manufacturing and supply chain management. While every company and organization operating today are different, they all face a common challenge—the need for connectedness and access to real-time insights across processes, partners, products, and people. That’s where Industry 4.0 comes into play.

Industry 4.0 is not just about investing in new technology and tools to improve manufacturing efficiency—it’s about revolutionizing the way your entire business operates and grows.

GLU iDE4: Youth Nation Student Leadership Summit 2019 was held in Universiti Kuala Lumpur with participation from Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN), Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) and Multimedia University (MMU). This summit aspires to enhance critical workforce readiness skills among the delegates and spark their leadership, communication and organization skills.

This summit was participated by 200 delegates. Bashir and Zakariyya from UTP said the event met their expectation and they were expecting a sequel to this one to learn more things. Participants from MMU said it was indeed a great experience and they would like to join more of such events but only if the topic meets their expectations.

\"\"The director of the program, Nurul Hazirah Indra is a final year student of UniKl. This was her last program in her university life. Since this was the very first time such a collaboration was done, she did not know what she was expecting  but ended up glad that it turned out to be great with multiple minds and workforces coming as one. Despite the fact it was harder to conclude a decision immediately they all managed to work together.

Yang Berbahagia Prof. Dato’ Dr Mazliham Mohd Su’ud, President / Chief Executive Officer, Universiti Kuala Lumpur thinks this is a very good initiative to ensure all the students from the 4 universities can work together. We can leverage on a better use on all 4 universities to become better universities in the GLU alliance. This event will help us to know each other and will start building bridges among the 4 universities. He hoped that in the future there will be more events that we can organize together as GLU. He also shared that they were discussing the possibilities to make sure that all students can participate in such event, one of them is to introduce the mobility program within the (GLU) universities so that students can have a short university exchange. For instance, students from MMU can have a short attachment to UNITEN and UNITEN students can study for 6 months in UTP. This is what have been discussed and with that, they intend to provide more opportunities for students from all the universities to participate for a greater cause.

Yang Berbahagia Dato’ Prof Ir. Dr. Kamal Nasharuddin Mustapha the Vice Chancellor of Universiti Tenaga Nasional also shared some insights about the program: “When we first discussed about the program of this nature which involves students from all 4 universities, of course it is about expanding one’s social connections, but it is also about sitting together to discuss about the big issues of the day. As per the theme of the summit suggested, we require students to sit down and talk about the IR4.0.For instance, how do you see the importance of IR4.0? How can we make the students prepared for the job market in the advent of IR4.0? Thus,

I’m sure there will be better extensions for discussing about real situations and issues that they will face and how fast they can prepare for the job market within the context of IR4.0. This is important.”

Ali Wahdan Alhasan, our very own Vice President of Student Representative Council was the assistant program director of this event. He said this event taught him a lot on how to face challenging situations and many more. We were also informed that there will be another four events sequels to this. “This is just a starting point for greater things together”, he said.

So, stay tuned for the upcoming GLU summit.

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Written by:Sharmella a/p Ramalingam & Teng Jun Siong

Proofread by:Nur Izzah Arrina & Rayvathi a/p Theivindran

Photos taken by,Skuad Media Uniten

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