Getting to Know Seals At Malam Taklimat Seals


KAJANG, 5th August- Malam Taklimat Seals (MTS), an event organised by Soft-Skills Enhancement and Learning Support (SEALS) UNITEN  was conducted on the 1st August from 8:00pm to 10:00pm. Held in the Student Affairs Centre (SAC) Leisure Hall, the event served as a platform for students to get to know more about what SEALS truly is. Participants were also able to register as members and got an insight on how things work in the club.

Event proceedings started off with a short speech from the advisor, Encik Hanif Abdul Karim. He went on to explain the sense of togetherness and the benefits of joining the club. Next in line was the president of SEALS himself, Mr Ang, who explained the meaning of SEALS and the hierarchy within the club.

Then, the games session followed. Hosted by Avinaash A/L Ravintheran, the games director, students were introduced to a new game, The Pulse Injection and also played a traditional game known as Simon Says. As for the final activity of the night, students were asked to give out opinions for new events to be conducted by the club in upcoming semesters. Students were then treated to a personal pizza each for dinner, alongside drinks.

One of the students Darshan A/L Gunasegaran expressed his delight on being able to join the event. “The event started off a bit slow as most events do but then picked up pace during the games session and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My team also won The Pulse Injection which added the cherry on top of the cake,” said Darshan.


The committees of SEALS also enjoyed the event and also managed to bond with some of the future members that may be the running force of the club in the upcoming years. Arunkumar A/L Padmanathan, a committee member gave us his views on the event. “We expect more people to know more about SEALS and also become a part of our close family. They can gain a lot from this club but they have to be active in the events that we organize,” he said.

Event director Shree Shubbal also had a few things to comment, “This event was mainly to introduce new members to SEALS and to show them that this is the best platform for them to gain experience by conducting their own events without any position or racial consideration in the club. Students will also be able to enhance their soft-skills akin to the name of the club.”


He also added, “I am very happy and glad that the event went smoothly and I also thank the students who came to make this event a success. I would also like to extend my thanks to the university management and our advisors, Miss Nashrah and Sir Hanif for their help in making this event a possibility.”


Written by:  Yuvan Kumar A/L Nadarajah

Edited by: Ahmad Danial \’Irfan bin Husain

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