Gaming & Money

On one typical day, you are minding your own business as usual,
nothing out of the ordinary when suddenly, you come into realisation
that some video games are going on a sale, and I am not talking about
small discounts, but rather the big ones! Your eyes gleams with
excitement, but at the same time, your mind’s boggling in choosing the
best game for you to spend your hard-earned money. So, how does one
decide what game to buy?

1. Make sure what you are buying is really what you want

Let us admit it, at one point in time, we buy things just because it is
the ‘latest trend’ or you are simply just following the ‘hype train’, be it
gaming or anything else. If you buy games based on this alone,
newsflash – you are wasting your money on something you might not
even be interested in. Buy games that suit your preferences, trust me it
is better than buying popular games just because you want to look cool.

2. Consider the price

Now we all cannot escape from spending a small fortune for that
desired item, but keep in mind that there are other factors in life that
require the green paper too. Just because you have extra money lying
around, that does not mean you can spend it all. Think carefully about
your choice, is it worth the RM200 on a video game or are you willing to
wait until a sale is available for the game (especially PC games)?
Financial management plays a crucial role in making sure both you and
your bank account are smiling from ear to ear.

3. Make every penny worth the purchase

Once the transaction is complete, the only thing you can do then is
game away! Get every unlockables in the game, reach that 100%
completion rate, maybe complete the achievements the game has to
offer. Play to your heart’s content, until you know you have made a
good purchase. Just do not neglect your life because of this.

Now that you know a little bit on how to decide what game to buy,
you can probably start planning on spending the excess money on other
things as well, provided your financial skills are decent. It is not that we
despise entertainment, but more to carefully selecting our
entertainment that best suit our situation.

Written by,Ashraf Danial bin Mohamad Fauzi

Edited by, Nur Izzah Arrina Bt Muhamad Nasir


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