The Students’ Representative Council are proud to announce that in an effort to support and encourage students’ engagement in various activities, YCU (Yayasan Canselor UNITEN) has introduced two funding packages: Package A and Package B. These packages aim to provide financial assistance to students who require funding for their projects and events. It is important for students to understand the details and guidelines associated with each package to maximize their chances of receiving the necessary support.

Package A:

Package A offers a total allocation of RM200,000 and is designed for activities that require funding of less than RM1,000. Each activity is capped at a maximum funding amount of RM1,000. However, only 200 activities can be supported through this package. Students are advised to promptly request funding from STAD (Student Affairs Department) for immediate approval. Once the allocation for Package A is fully utilized, students must opt for Package B for further financial assistance.

Package B:

With a total allocation of RM300,000, Package B is intended to fund activities that require more than RM1,000. Funding under this package is provided based on the external sponsorship acquired by the student. An initial amount of RM1,000 is allocated for each activity, and students are expected to secure additional funding from external sponsors. The extra funding granted by YCU matches the amount obtained from external sponsorship, up to a cap of RM3,000 per activity.

To better understand the funding mechanism, let’s consider a few hypothetical cases:

DetailsCase 1Case 2Case 3
Total Fund RequiredRM 2000.00RM 2000.00RM 10,000.00
YCU Basic AllocationRM 1000.00RM 1000.00RM 1000.00
External SponsorshipRM 500.00RM 300.00RM 4500.00
Extra Funding from YCURM 500.00RM 300.00RM 3000.00

Note: In all cases, the extra funding provided by YCU matches the amount obtained through external sponsorship, as per the matching method. However, it is essential to understand that for large-scale activities, such as in Case 3, the additional funding from YCU is capped at RM3,000, regardless of the amount of external sponsorship secured.

Rationale and Objectives:

YCU is implementing this funding strategy for the first time with the goal of encouraging students to actively seek external sponsorships in addition to relying on YCU as the primary sponsor, especially for larger projects. This approach aims to foster students’ resourcefulness and develop their skills in securing financial support from various sources.

Important Considerations:

1. Funding requests will be accepted only within a specified time frame. Requests submitted outside this period will not be entertained.

2. Funding approvals will be granted by the respective departments of the clubs. Therefore, clubs need to ensure that their funding requests are processed through the STAD (Student Affairs Department) or USDIC (UNITEN Student Development Implementation Committee) Zone for approval.


YCU’s funding packages, Package A and Package B, provide students with opportunities to obtain financial support for their activities and projects. By familiarizing themselves with the guidelines and requirements of each package, students can make informed decisions and increase their chances of receiving the necessary funding. YCU aims to empower students to explore alternative sources of sponsorship, fostering their resourcefulness and encouraging them to take the initiative in realizing their projects and events.

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