[Filler Fridays #6]: #KitaUniten




Friends and fellow comrades,
In the midst of brisky days and nights,
Take a jiffy moment,
Ponder on how life works,
We sail the ark of life,
As the manic wave gushing ahead,
Marching as a crew,
Boatswain on the deck,
Helmsman on the steer,
Powder monkeys with the flask,
Along the journey to the isle of glory,
Battles over battles encountered,
Leaving the sail in dire,
Nevertheless fellas and colleagues,
With a strong symphony played by the force,
Forged a robust will,
Carving an effigy of pride and honour,
Standing in majesty,
Till the realm itself known,
In union there is strength.

Written by : Hafiz Roslee

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