[Filler Fridays #5]: Escapism


“Let’s go out tonight,” K suggests, cutting his chicken into small pieces before stuffing them inside his mouth.

It is lunch time and S had just finished his English class. It was his last class for this semester and the only reward that he wants right now is a good long sleep. But he knows that he won’t be getting any since he has another assignment to be finished tonight.

But, who is he kidding? He has been wrecking his brain to finish the assignment for almost 72 hours and he is not even half finished with the task. The subject is definitely not his forte and the fact that none of his group members know how to do anything is making him ready to dig his own grave so he can escape himself from the responsibility.

“I can’t, I have a deadline to meet tomorrow,” S murmurs, pushing his plate of chicken rice to K’s direction.

He takes his bag from the empty chair next to him, leaving K alone at the table as he heads back to his apartment to finish the assignment.



S gets up from his study table with a groan; he has been sitting there for five hours, only taking a few minutes break in between to pray and get himself something to drink.

He ignores the sound of his stomach rumbling, clearly begging for him to eat his dinner, when he turns off his charger and taps the ‘Answer’ option to his ‘Incoming Call’.


“Open your door, I am outside!”

S quirks an eyebrow at the command, taking his phone away from his ear before tapping the ‘Decline’ icon. He places his phone down back onto his bedside table, walking straight to the door and K’s cheerful grin manages to make him feel slightly more at peace after being mentally tortured by the dreadful assignment.

“I have already come here so you can’t decline my invite. Let’s go for a night drive!”

S really wants to slam the door back into K’s face, ignoring his best friend’s never ending request just so he could finally finish the assignment but, when he thinks about it again, it is a good offer. He likes a night drive, he loves blasting his Spotify’s playlist out loud and he swears he could use some time to reward himself. He can always continue the assignment when he is home later, right?

Therefore, a few minutes later, S finds himself inside his apartment’s elevator with fingers holding onto his phone, wallet and house keys.



S watches K fumbles with his foods, quietly helping the male to organize his Mac and Cheese and Mocha Frappuccino as K drives out from the Starbucks Drive Thru, heading to Kuala Lumpur without any clear end destination.

“Do you know where we are going?” S asks.

K lifts both of his shoulder up, speeding up to the right lane as he heads to nowhere in particular.

S emits a soft chuckle and taking his phone out, tapping the Spotify icon before letting his English playlist to be played in a shuffle play mode before he rolls down the window.

“I don’t wanna lonely be no more, I don’t wanna have to pay for this,” [1] S sings along, K joins him soon after even though their voices are nowhere perfect but who cares? Not them.

S stares at Berjaya Times Square in fascination as he had never observed the mall from outside. He was usually there using monorail and god knows how much he misses going out to wander around Kuala Lumpur without any intention. This semester has been the busiest semester so far, assessments and assignments keep piling up and he has not go out to enjoy himself for almost three months.

K taps his fingers onto the steering wheel, humming along as S imitates the original singer’s voice.

“I don’t know who you are but you must be some kind of superstar.” [2]

They drive past KLCC soon after, glancing at people hanging out in front of the entrance even though it is almost midnight. Kuala Lumpur is beautiful and it becomes prettier at night when all the lights are turned on. The traffic is usually bad during the daytime so being able to drive peacefully, accompanied by the night breeze, make both K and S feel calm and at ease.

S glances at K, giving the male his silent thank you because he needs this. He needs to get out from his apartment, enjoying the free times even though it is short. Because what is life if they do not cherish it, right?

“You make me feel like I am living on teenage dream.” [3]

S takes his phone out, logging in to his website before tapping the ‘New Post’ icon as K drives out from Pasar Seni’s bus station.


In the time where you feel overwhelmed with all the work and pressure, it is best to go out and enjoy your life. Do not force yourself to finish every task in one go, give it time and take a break once in a while. Watch the latest movie at the cinema, go out for a night drive, and eat something you love. Do anything and everything that makes you happy, it is worth it.


He clicks the ‘Post’ icon and K taps his Touch and Go card as they finally head back to their endless works but with a much lighter heart.


Little notes:

[1] Rob Thomas’ Lonely No More

[2] Jamelia’s Superstar

[3] Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream

p/s: Good luck for final, everyone! May the force be with us and don’t forget to take a break once in a while, you deserve it.


Written by: Anonymous.

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