[Filler Fridays #3]: Reunion


Danial was at his 12th-year school reunion. Left and right were familiar, but matured faces of his ex-schoolmates. Some aged well, some… not so much.

He particularly remembered two people from school. One of which was Akmal, who he used to pick on because of his large size. He scoured around, but did not see him. He wanted to give his sincerest apologies.

Another person he remembered was Aimi, his beautiful high school sweetheart. What if she and Akmal ended up together? He chuckled at the thought, and bumped into Akmal, a gorgeous lady by his side.

“Danny! Hello old friend. This is my wife, Hafa,” he introduced.

Danial nodded, blushing at the sight of her rosy cheeks and soft face. He was somewhat relieved she was not Aimi, but was slightly envious of Akmal. Was this Karma?

“Danial!” a familiar voice called. It was Aimi. Age had treated her well.

“And this is my second wife, Aimi.”

Written by:  Ahmad Daniel Haziq Mahari Razol Mahari

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