[Filler Fridays #2]: Cheese


Sweet nutty creamy cheese,
Sir would you like some cheese?
Oh yes please,
How could I resist?

The horny yellow skin,
Got me attracted with a sin,
It feels so wrong,
but it tastes so right.

The smelly old aroma,
got me hooked like a coma,
seeking pleasure in every sniff,
This is the way to live.

The real game begins,
when it is put under the hot wind,
melting into a sculptured beauty,
it illuminates with its blinding sheen.

The temptation of a cheese,
A single slice of a piece,
Playing around in your mouth,
Swirling into the gassy abyss.

Remember the taste of the creamy paste?
that was creamy cheese don’t let it go to waste,
have you had some Parmesan?
I had it in a spaghetti with John,
Dellissimo filante Mozarella,
Mi piace avere sulla mia pizza,
Putting cheddar on everything,
The taste is so divine it makes you sing,
Smoked activating that drool sensation,
Taste of the future, method of the ancient.

Whether a cheese is mild or pungent,
You can always say they’re on a mission,
The cheesemaker’s goal is to,
Achieve balance from the very intro,
Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and umami,
Life is too short to eat the cheese you don’t enjoy.
Trust me.

Written by: Muhammad Amir Hazim bin Jamaluddin

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