[Filler Fridays #1]: Tongues

I speak in tongues

Cuz I love the exhilaration

Brought by the combination of

cognition and intuition

using words that have

Same meaning

with a different upbringing.


Lidahku bernyawa

Apabila bertutur beribu bahasa

menyerap intipati budi pekerti budaya diluar jendela biasa


Yo soy un estudiante de lengua

Porque mi mente es como una taza vacia

Y el idioma es el agua

Nos llena de culturas que nos define


I am a proud Bunga Raya

Who is learning about Roses,

Y tambien la flor de mayo

Because in the end of the day,

we are flowers with different petals

living and growing on the same garden

El jardin de vida


Ariff thinks learning a new language makes you appreciate the ones you already know a lot more.

Written by: Ariff Naqiuddin


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