[Filler Friday #3]: Wonderwall




He reads the last text message that he received ten minutes ago over and over again, eyes focusing on each letter and sentence as if he is trying to tattoo them across his skin. It is day seven, day seven into his endless misery and sometimes, he wishes he can end this. He wants to end everything or anything but the only way to do that is to take his life away and he knows how God forbids the action.

Throwing the depressing mobile device carelessly onto his bed, he shuffles his way to his study table, taking out his Macbook Air from the drawer. He plops himself down onto the chair, greeting his blank black wallpaper with a soft sigh. He has a lot of stuff to do; endless assignments need to be done and numerous quizzes and tests to be studied for.

But, that all can wait. He can always do them later. He can always force himself to stay awake until the dawn, it is not like he never did that before. Clicking here and there before settling on one webpage, he waits for his phone’s notification to alert him that the time is 23:00.

“Thank you, Siri,” he mutters as he glances at his phone, fingers typing in his username and password without looking at the keyboard.

“Don’t mention it,” comes Siri\’s reply and he stares at his laptop’s screen with a small smile, proud that he manages to go through another day.

He clicks the inbox icon, scrolling down hundreds messages before stopping at the one that was sent to him at 16:45.

Anonymous said: Hello, S! I really like the song that you suggested to 1401 yesterday, it makes me feel calm after having such a bad day with a friend. Anyway, can I request a song? Life has been really hard on me these days and I need some … reassurance that someone is out there for me. That I am not alone in this world. My friend? Ex-friend? always make me feel unworthy and sometimes, all I really want to do is to shut myself down. Your songs’ suggestion, somehow, always make me feel at ease so I hope you can help me. – J

He reads the message over and over again, chuckling bitterly at how similar their situation is and he silently hopes he can give this J person a hug to let him know that yes, there is someone out there who cares about them, who knows their worth. When he gets anonymous messages that hit close to his own situation, he can’t help but to shower them with all the love and positive messages that he wishes he can believe.

S said: Hello there, sweetheart. I am glad you like the song. I really like the lyrics, it suits 1401’s situation really well. “A voice that says, I’ll be here and you’ll be alright.” [1]
J, I know that we are strangers and I don’t know how it is going there for you but I hope that you will stay strong. There is this one quote that I want you to remember,
“What the rainy sky wants to tell you is, that you’re not the only one.” [2]
Therefore, don’t be afraid. Don’t think that you are alone, there is always someone out there that will come and show you that you are worth it. And, when that person comes, you will forget all these pains as if they never exist. I am here for you, J. As for the song suggestion, I hope you will give Oasis – Wonderwall a try.
“Because maybe, you’re gonna be the one that saves me. And after all, you’re my wonder wall.” [3]

He clicks the reply icon, feeling a little happier than before. He creates the website to help people, to let people know that there is always someone who will listen to them even if they are strangers. And, sometimes, he wishes that someone will be his wonder wall and give him the reassurance that he needs in this life.

But, for now, he is happy enough to be that kind of someone in other people’s life.

Little notes:

[1] Ryan Gosling feat Emma Stone\’s City of Stars

[2] 20080409 Blonotes

[3] Oasis\’s Wonderwall


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