FIFA Online 3: Man Vs Machine


KAJANG, 15 NOVEMBER – EA\’s FIFA 17 came out late last September, and I\’m willing to bet that despite the overwhelming amount of football fans in UNITEN, not a lot of us own it. That\’s why there\’s FIFA Online 3, the free to play (F2P) PC game which is also published by EA but hosted by Garena. Bless Garena for understanding students. In fact, some staff members from Garena came by today to give students 30 ringgit if they could beat the A.I. (the computerized opponent) on it\’s punishing difficulty.

Get money for playing games? The boys of UNITEN swarmed COE\’s food court, trying their luck and putting their years of gaming skills to the test. Mr. Aimand Jamal, one of the Garena staff members supervising the 10-5 event, said that the response from the UNITEN students was overwhelming, reaching well over 100 participants. Out of these 100 plus participants however, only 6 people managed to take down the horrendous A.I. Congratulations to Yugan, Poovarasan, Aaron, Kesavan, Naim and Kaeleshwaran for beating the challenge.

UNITEN was one of Garena\’s stops in their roadshow. In the interview with Mr. Chun and Mr. Aimand, they stated that the purpose of their roadshow was to promote E-sports within campus and give students the opportunity to realize their potential as professional gamers. Mr. Chun stated that many successful E-sports players came are of the University students demographic, and that campus students have high potential, however would probably not realize their potential if not given the opportunity.

FIFA Online 3 has many international tournaments scattered around Asia. One of the upcoming tournaments, the EA Champion\’s Cup in Thailand, has a prize pool of 500000 USD., and one of Malaysia\’s representatives is a student from TARUC. Back in June, the EA Champion\’s Cup in China had a prize pool of 300000 USD. In this tournament, Malaysia\’s team won 3rd place and one of the members was a student from MMU Cyberjaya.

For potential gamers that are interested in FIFA Online 3 and the upcoming events, please visit to download the free official client for the game and event news and for those interested in joining future tournaments. UNITEN\’s E-sports club is still fresh from establishment and it may be a while before it sends representatives to take part in upcoming events, but students are invited to spectate the intercampus FIFA Online 3 tournament on the 4th of December at Asia Pacific University. Garena is currently trying to provide transport for UNITEN students to see this event, so stay tuned for updates. On a side note, do stay tuned for more information regarding the Dota 2 tournament this 3rd of December.

Written by : Daniel Haziq Bin Razol Mahari & Nur Syafiqah Bt Norshah.

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