Feeling the World Rumble with Bubble Rumble!

A chaotic mess of shoving people, Bubble Rumble was met with great comments from the participants.

KAJANG, 2nd August – Bumble Rumble, organized by the College of Foundation and Diploma Studies (CFDS), was held at UNITEN Mini Stadium on the 30th July 2017, beginning at 8:00am and ending at 2:00pm. Participated by sixteen groups of five students each, the participants were of various courses, backgrounds and colleges, determined to be crowned as champion.

Promoting a fun way for students to be healthy and fit, Bubble Rumble implemented zorbing balls into two thrilling games for participants to play, where the first required opposing teams to knock down a certain target from the opposing team named the ‘King’ while protecting their own. The second game, inspired by rugby, involved teams sprinting into their competitor’s territory to make a ‘touchdown’ while avoiding being blocked by the opposing team.

Leader of the winning team, Aqil bin Mohd Azlan, expressed his joy over how the event was conducted, “I’m so happy that I could join this event and gather with old friends and have fun for a while. I didn’t expect that our team would win today as there were many other competitors.”

When asked regarding his strategy that led to the team’s victory he proudly explained, “It was very competitive but our strategy was that we would protect the ‘king’ of our team from being attacked by the opponent.”

Members of the SRC, united with red shirts.

Attending the tournament also was a team comprising the student representative council (SRC) members of this term. Roshan Charles Razali, president of SRC, recorded his thoughts on Bubble Rumble, “It is a good game to create communication between team members and I also feel happy as this event could create new engagement between students.  More students should join this event in the future as it leads to a healthy lifestyle. Professionalism and teamwork are the keys to this game.”

Served personal pizzas for lunch with a bountiful supply of mineral waters, participants such as Muhammad Thaqif bin Anuar felt extremely satisfied, describing the tournament as ‘worth it!’.

Aside the participants, director of the event, Soo Mei Chia, was also happy with the flow of the program. Cheerfully, she described her feelings regarding the event, “Yes, I was so happy when there were so many students willing to join, even though some students considered the price as quite expensive. Nonetheless, we are glad that you came to make this event a success!”

We at NADi would like to congratulate Aqil bin Mohd Azlan and his team for winning first place in Bubble Rumble. May this be the first victory out of many!

Merciless, participants were determined as ever to topple over others for the sake of victory!

Written by: Shazrina Zainal

Edited by: Ahmad Danial ‘irfan bin Husain

Special Thanks To: Nur Syazwani binti Jamaluddin

Photo source: Skuad Media Uniten

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