Alice looked at her hands in horror. The crimson-colored liquid flowed through her hands. Five dead bodies were laying in front of her. The sight before her caused her to tremble like a leaf. It was an eerie scene as there was a pool of blood surrounding her. The knife on her lap looked dull and useless yet it can cause death.

She wanted to scream for help but her voice did not come out. She crept towards the dead body nearest to her, wrapping her arms around it and held it as close as she could to her body. She did it delicately as if it was a piece of glass that could break at any moment.

\’\’Mom…please wake up.\’\’

\’\’Mom, please…I promise I will be a good girl.\’\’

Alice caressed her mother\’s face softly calling her name countless times, wishing a miracle would come and her mother would wake up from this eternal slumber. Tears welled in her black eyes like ice melted by the sun when the silence was the only response she could hear.

Then she heard some footsteps from the front door. Ready to attack the person that went into her house, she grabbed the knife and dashed towards the person like a madman.

\”Wait! It\’s me your father\”, he caught her hand and hugged her.

\”Don\’t worry, I\’m here\”

When Alice calmed down and relaxed into her father\’s arms, her father pushed and pinned her down.

\”How dare you kill your mother and your siblings! I should have killed you when I had the chance.\”, he barked as he gripped her neck.

\”No! I didn\’t kill them.\”, Alice sobbed. \”You were the one who killed them right? You’re having an affair with another woman!\” she yelled.

She struggled to break free from her father\’s grasp. As she was running out of air from suffocation, she yanked her father\’s hair and stabbed his heart.

\”Arg…you I\’m gonna kill…y-\”

Alice froze and stared blankly at the wall. She looked around trying to comprehend what had just happened.

Some minutes passed as she stood there, she then walked towards her bedroom. After taking some needles and wires, she went back to the room where her parents died.

\”Chop…chop…sew..sew…lalala\” she sang while doing her masterpiece.

After a few hours, she watched with awe the view presented by her. Before her, her parent\’s lifeless frames were bared and stabbed against the wall by both their shoulders and hips, their limbs were cut off and stitched back to their body with wires. It was like a mimicry of a human puppet.

It was a gruesome sight to look at with blood splattered across the wall and pooling beneath her feet.

\”This is my design\”, she said proudly.

\”It\’s your fault for neglecting me and forcing me to live by your expectations.\”


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