Exercise to stimulate, not to annihilate

Do you frequently allocate your time to practice exercise? If not, you actually take a big risk to incur a myriad of health problems. Constrained by challenges nowadays, people tend to ignore exercise due to their load of responsibilities and duties at workplace and school. In their minds, pursuing wealth and being academically successful are the primary purposes. Lame excuses, nonetheless, should not be made as health care is totally indispensable and should be prioritised.

Basically, exercise is just a simple term denoting a physical activity which involves a particular movement that is done to become stronger and healthier. Yet, it is rarely understood as some people are blinded by a misconception whereby they think that it is necessary to do it at a gym with sport attire. Plus, they also complain about being tired to do workout then neglect their body. In fact, you don’t have to vigorously workout like a body builder to stay healthy and keep fit as exercise can be alternatively performed, even moderately at minimal movement.

Another point worth noting is exercise undoubtedly provides us lots of benefits physically and mentally. First and foremost, exercise elevates our physical health condition. A physically active individual is scientifically proven to have a better health condition than the sedentary lifestyle of their peers. Even regular activity is able to have positive influences on people’s health and vitality. People who exercise on a regular basis may experience greater strength and endurance so, they are definitely more energetic compared to the couch potato.

Apart from that, exercise reduces risks for serious illness by lowering its risk factors. For instance, exercise lowers resting blood pressure rates for hours after an exercise session is over. In addition, exercise may reduce the risk of developing diabetes. It even appears to delay the risks of some cancers. Added on to that, perspiration during exercise may significantly remove toxins from our body through skin. During exercise, our calories and excessive fat is also burnt thus, leading to weight loss and lower probability to suffer any heart disease.

On the other side of the coin, exercise benefits mentally as well as it improves an individual’s mood and indirectly releases his/her stress. Moreover, it helps people to relax, improves sleep quality and reduces muscular tension. According to research carried out by Intelligentsia, exercise is one of the best treatments to cope with stress. Hence, it is advisable for someone who is depressed to force himself to commit exercise as the mood elevation effect is proved to be immediate. On top of that, exercise may also boost self confidence and instil positive attitude.

Taking into account all of the benefits briefly expounded above, we can conclude that there is  no valid excuse for anyone to omit exercise as part of their daily routine albeit being overwhelmed with work and duties. It is clearly shown that exercise needs to be considered as a crucial routine since it benefits us not only physically but mentally. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself to exercise even if it is just taking a brisk walk. Take care of your health before the illness takes place. Your health is your wealth.

Written by,Nu’man bin Abdul Jamil

Edited by,Rayvathi a/p Theivindran

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