Empowered Women

7th October 2020, 8 PM- UNITEN’s very own Student Representative Council have had their #KITAINTERAKSI campaign go up live on Facebook for the third time since its introduction back in February earlier this year. This time its back with a notion of, ‘Empowered Women, Empower Women’ with keynote speakers from UNITEN itself. The sharing session saw Rayvathi, Siti Khairunnisa and Amiera Natasha voicing out their opinions and concerns about this leading matter.

As we may or may not be aware, subtle discriminations and stereotypes against women should not be tolerated whatsoever and anyone who tolerates it extremely lack in the sense of morals, logic and empathy. The good news is, the issues has started a global movement for gender equality since a few decades ago and it is the university’s privilege to watch its very own empowered women to discuss close to the matter. All three speakers shared their struggles and experiences growing up with the stigma and answered several questions from the live audience as well.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the discussion by the panelists:

  • All three speakers shared their personal experiences where they described to being labelled and judged condescendingly at predominantly male environments such as at work or at an organization.
  • Ladies should take initiative to seek for more and never settle for less. While there is nothing wrong with doing anything minimalistic, women shouldn’t be afraid to reach new heights and should always help each other out.
  • Credit should be due when it is deserved and not gender biased. Opportunity and exposure should be given to everyone regardless the gender.
  • Lack of awareness is the main cause of gender inequality and both genders should educate themselves especially in the rural areas.
  • There should be more ads and movies about gender equality.
  • Eliminate all practices that discriminate women.
  • Government should implement equal income regardless the gender.

One of the prominent question was ‘How much is too much women empowerment?’ to which one of the speakers, Amiera Natasha answered ‘There is no such thing as too much women empowerment’. She also urged fellow women to always look for ways to improve and to think outside the box. After the Q&A session from the live audience, the event is wrapped up at about 9.45 PM.

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