Dueling It Out At Hanafuda Workshop!




KAJANG, 5th January – A Hanafuda Workshop was recently held in College of Foundation and Diploma Studies (CFDS), Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) under PEEP Workshops, an educational series run by Soft-skills Enhancement and Learning Support (SEALS) UNITEN. Conducted by Japanese Cultural Club UNITEN (JCCU), Hanafuda Workshop marks one of the very first collaborations between JCCU and SEALS, though both clubs have previously organized workshops on Fridays to enrich students’ life with fun and helpful workshops.

The workshop started with a short explanation by Muhammad Wasseef bin Suhaimi about the rules of hanafuda, which is a traditional Japanese card game based on flowers that relies on your luck and memory. A one versus one game where the players take turns in drawing and collecting the cards, the players are required to organize the cards in various combinations which, based on the difficulty, will determine the points earned. The winner with most points at the end wins.


The participants were given time to familiarize themselves with the game initially, as well as a sheet of paper containing possible combinations of the hanafuda. The workshop continued with the participants playing against the facilitators in a set of three matches. Winners received a mystery gift. One of the participants happily expressed her opinions on the workshop, “This is a fun and exciting game! I would love to buy the cards and play with my friends.”

The presenter, Muhammad Wasseef bin Suhaimi described his satisfaction over the collaboration between JCCU and SEALS, “We tried to expand our reach towards the students outside of JCCU and we happened to hear that the PEEP Workshops needed some slots to be filled, so I thought why not?”

He also expressed his joy over the program, “I felt like this workshop was a huge success. There were a few bumps along the way, but seeing the reactions of the participants having a great time made it worth the effort. Some were even bummed that they couldn’t play more towards the end. I hope that when I organize more events like these in the future, more people would give them a chance on trying them out and have as much fun as I did learning them!”

Written by : Andrew Chan

Photo Source : Handzalah bin Razali

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