Don\’t Vote? Don\’t Complain #UnitenElection



Ladies and gentlemen, we are creeping ever nearer, ever closer to the climax of this tiring week. That\’s right, everyone! On the 15th June 2017 (AKA Thursday), it\’s finally time for us to exercise our power as students of UNITEN and vote!

Now we know who to vote for, when to vote, and where to vote.

But do we know WHY should we vote?

Reason #1: Practicing a democratic process.

Voting is one way to uphold the state of democracy that exists in our country. As Malaysians (or any other citizen of a democratic country. Not looking at you, NK) we have our own general election to choose our leaders. But as students, are we prepared to take up that responsibility?

Especially first time voters? Shouldn\’t we at least have some practice?
What\’s that? Campus elections? Ring-a-ding-ding! A campus election is a downsized version of our general election and it is democratic!
This is the perfect platform for young adults to experience and develop a sense of responsibility towards their community.

Reason #2: Exercising our right as a student.

As students, we have rights to many things in campus. Voting for our representative is one. Imagine not being able to choose who represents you and accept whoever represents you without your consideration. Sounds familiar?

But for this election, we can vote again! So use that given right!

You will miss it when you lose it.

Reason #3: Let your voices be heard!

Does the candidate resonate with you? Vote!
Do you think you need better representation? Vote!
Only way you can effectively get your points across is through the MPP. Whether we like it or not. Rather than sulk behind a keyboard, vote!

Reason #4: And this is personally this admin\’s favourite reason.

You have accountability rights. If your representative have done a good job, you know that you have effectively exercised your right.

If they do a poor one, call them out!

You have the right to complain/criticize/condemn their actions if it does not meet your standard. That is if you voted lah

This is very democratic and let no one tell you otherwise. You voted. You believed in them. Now it\’s up to them to walk the talk.

Reason #5: SCORUN, because everyone needs more SCORUN.

That is right, ladies and gents. Those who are in desperate need for SCORUN need to look no further. There\’s no need

to attend long, monotonous talks that take way too much time, busy yourself by being a program director of some random event or heck, even play some random game or sport.

All you literally have to do is get out of bed and walk all the way to one of the four designated places for voting and cast your highly significant vote (though we do recommend it\’d be wise if you showered first) and voila!

No trouble, no hassle. Just vote!

So those are the 5 reasons we came up with on WHY you, as a student, SHOULD vote.

Not gonna lie, feeling pretty proud about this.

So, what\’s next? Well next is for you to VOTE.

And remember, undi itu rahsia ?

#UnitenElection #MPPUniten

Written by: Ariff Naqiuddin




Photo source: The Cagle Post, Skuad Media Uniten, Student Affairs Centre Uniten


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