Di Sebalik Tabir: UNITEN Bus Drivers – Don’t Forget To Thank Them (And why they only stop at bus stops)

One of the most iconic things you can find in UNITEN is its buses. Whether it’s the shuttle bus to class or the one heading off-campus, you can always find them roaming about. Of course, bus drivers come part and parcel with the busses. Below is an interview with one of the bus conductors, Mr. Azrul Azlan Bin Rosli. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the bus drivers, maybe you’ll find some of the following very interesting! For those who are, let’s see how much you really know!

A Little Bit About Mr. Azrul:  

Age : Young

Kampung : Selangor

Experience : 5 years


Q & A :

How did you end up in UNITEN?

“I think the reasons vary from person to person but for me, I just happened to see a vacancy in UNITEN and decided to apply for the job, and here I am (chuckles).”


How’s your schedule? When do you get to enjoy your lunch break?

“Us drivers don’t exactly have a lunch break. We just work according to our shifts and we get one and a half to two hours of break in between shifts”


How do you find working in UNITEN?

“I feel pretty happy working here because you know, I am getting paid and all.”


How do you feel about the students?

“UNITEN students are good kids. Surprisingly, a lot of the students are actually pretty polite as they do say thank you when getting off the bus.”


Do you have anything to complain or rant about?

“My main concern is a lot of the students are (un)surprisingly ignorant or lazy. There are plenty of occasions where they complain about the bus schedule which is nothing new. A lot of them complain about the bus being late when they don’t actually bother checking the schedule. Some of them even complain about the buses not going to Unipark even though the service officially stopped last semester (with the reopening of Kelompok Cendekiawan). The bus schedule is determined by the SRC, so any changes or lack of communication is not our fault. The recent changes with the Murni bus route is a good example. The students complain to us about the bus not going to Murni anymore but luckily we are still able to answer that it is due to a change of schedule. Another misconception is that even though there are five to six buses running, only two of them are internal shuttle buses while the rest are external. So some of the students who don’t know that complain about the buses not stopping for them.”


What do you like the most about your job?

“My salary (laughs). Other than that it’s the students. Especially the regulars. Being on the job can be really boring so talking to the students makes the time fly. It’s even livelier during convocation when families come visit the students. We get to interact with the family members of the ‘regulars’.”


What is your scariest experience working in UNITEN?

“Working at three in the morning. It’s especially not easy walking into the office in the middle of the night. Alone.”


What is your most interesting experience working in UNITEN?

“Poking fun at the new students. This happens a lot especially after the orientation for a new batch. A lot of the students apparently don’t pay attention during orientation and then randomly board the bus without knowing where to go. So it’s also part of our job to give the new students a “tour guide” in the first week after orientation.


Extras – Why bus drivers don’t stop except at a bus stop :

This is the story of a kind man.

On one rainy day, there was a student rushing to class in the rain.

A kind bus driver decided to stop on the side of the road and told the student to get on board.

Unfortunately, the student slipped and fractured his knee cap.

The kind bus driver was sued by the parents and lost his job.

So from that day on, never again do the bus drivers stop anywhere other than at a bus stop.

Written by: Alternating Current

Edited by: Resistors in Series

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