Dancing on \’em with Kindness

PUTRAJAYA, 11th November 2018 – The 7th Annual \”Dance for Kindness (DFK)\” took place at IOI City Mall situated in Putrajaya. The \”Dance for Kindness\” initiative is a movement created by Life Vest Inside, which unites people from all around the world, often segmented to as far as cities, to perform the same song, same dance, on the same day. Last year\’s DFK took place in over 120 cities spread across 50 countries. This is the second time Putrajaya\’s DFK took place at IOI City Mall, as well as the second time Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN) organized the event. This time, it was sponsored by MIXIUQI as well as IOI City Mall.



The main purpose of DFK is to convey the message of kindness to the public through unified song and dance. This year\’s FlashMob song was \”Unity\”, performed by The Solomon Brothers. The complimenting dance for the FlashMob was choreographed by Maria Huhtinen. For the FreezeMob session, the featured song was \”Revolution of Love\” by Charles Preston. The event gathered 152 dancers at the heart of IOI City Mall\’s Symphony Walk, and raised around RM500 for local animal shelters.


Passersby were given bags containing goodies complimented with cards embedded with 20 different quotes regarding kindness. The dancers and committee members of the event were very passionate regarding the project. Program director, Soo Mei Chia, stated \”kindness is a basic and important human trait that isn\’t practiced enough nowadays. It\’s so important to spread the awareness of this essential trait\”. Soo Mei Teng, who has been involved in both last year\’s and the latest DFK, had this to say:

\”…this event enables us to reach to the public, to give back to the societies as university students. Being able to connect with people outside the university can also help them to know that this is what we are doing other than studying in the classroom, practicing kindness.\”

The head of UNITEN\’s Sports and Cultural Club Unit, Mrs. Nor Shazura binti Roslan, was extremely happy with the involvement of UNITEN students in this event. \”It\’s a healthy event that gathers students together outside of the normal class activities,\” she started, \”Not only that, but they get to form connections with people outside of campus. It\’s a great networking platform, great for developing soft skills, all while doing good for society.\”


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