Cultural Night UNITEN – Bringing the world into UNITEN



PUTRAJAYA, 13th November 2016 – On 10th November 2016 (Thursday), The International Student Society (ISS) of UNITEN held \’Culture Night\’, which aimed to enhance students\’ understanding and knowledge on cultures of other countries. It was held in Dewan Sri Sarjana UNITEN from 2 pm to 12 am. There were 12 countries in total being represented: Sudan, Egypt, Germany, Indonesia, Iraq, Palestine, Libya, Bangladesh, Syria, Morocco, Yemen and Malaysia.

The first event in the tentative was an exhibition by all the countries from 2 pm till 8 pm. As participants entered the hall, they were greeted with an exotic blend of Arabic, English, Sudanese and many more songs from all around the world. It was a great indulgence for cultural lovers as those who attended were able to experience first hand of how it would be like living in those countries. Unique and valuable cloths, delicacies, musical instruments, beautiful paintings and experiences were showcased and shared by the exhibitionist from each country.

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Furthermore, attending the exhibition was our respected Deputy Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs, Alumni and Management, Professor Dr. Mohd. Zamri Yusoff. He and a few others were the judges in determining the best exhibition booth. He went to every booth and seemed to enjoy the experience.

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After the exhibition around 8 pm, the audience and participants were treated to a cultural performance from each country. Dances, songs and martial arts were part of the performance. In addition to that, an authentic Arabian wedding was at display for the spectators to rejoice.


The event ended around 12 am. It was an event which truly amazed many.

\’Salam\’ and hope to see all of you next year for the next cultural night




Written by: Akmal Aziq bin Baharin

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