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Representative from UNITEN for The Code 2016

MALACCA, 11th December – Students of College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) have made UNITEN proud once again through a competition named “The Code 2016”. This competition was organized by UTeM, Melaka on the 11th  December at the university itself. CSIT on behalf of UNITEN sent 3 teams to compete with more than 30 teams from various universities nationwide.


This competition was about competitive programming where participants were asked 10 questions and were given 4 hours to solve it. Both UNITEN teams managed to win first place and consolation prize during the competition. Chew Jing Yao, Lee Chong Keat and Lim Tze Shang were the members of the winning team and the consolation prize went to Kamarol Zaman bin Mohd Azhar, Aiman and Nur Hafiz bin Jamaluddin.

First Place winner for The Code 2016

“Undeniably, we were lucky enough to ace this competition. Because as the champion we only solved 6 out of 10 questions and some of our opponents managed to solve 5 questions, the difference between us were really close. Anyway, we are glad to have such experience and I aam really proud of our teamwork. I am still learning and will work harder in the future.”said Chew Jing Yao, member of first place winner. This is Chew Jing Yao and Lee Chong Keat second win as teammates, they previously won a competition named “Digix Hackathon”.


Consolation Prize winner

“This is my third time participating in this kind of competition and looking forward to participate in more competitions .”said Mohamad Aiman bin Rahmat, member of consolation prize winner.

We here at NADi would like to congratulate all the winners and participants for their achievements and we hope they will continue to strive for success.

Written by : Nurul Aimi Athirah binti Juarimi

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