CSIT Career Day 2017

KAJANG 7th January 2016 – The College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT), in collaboration with 360 GEM Club and the QS Management Team launched the CSIT Career Day on 6th January 2016 from 9am to 5pm. Attending the event were Prof. Dr. Mohd. Zamri Yusoff, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), along with other lecturers and students. 

The event highlighted on career opportunities for CSIT students whereby twelve big companies set up their booths at CSIT. They comprised Astro, Accenture, VisaMalaysia, Axiata, Rapid Miner, Petronas, Hilti, GoCar, HPE, IBM, Graduan and Zavy. Interviews were also held with the representatives of the companies to expose students on rich details regarding the companies themselves as well as working experience.

Abdul Rahman Kreaeeh, an ex-Uniten student who pursued Software Engineering, now working under Wavelet Group Sdn. Bhd. was among those interviewed. “The idea and the motivation that they (Wavelet) gives us (employees) in the company made me not only go there for internship, but even work full-time.”

Apart from public interviews, mock interviews were also held for Uniten students on the third floor of CSIT, as well as talks in Dewan Kuliah 1 (DK1).

Mini-competitions were also held to keep the crowd entertained. Among them were Talentime, a poetry recital competition, a puzzle contest as well as a photo booth. The committee, consisting of 360 GEM club members and Visual Media (VM) students, ensured the event ran without hitch.

“The event went very well,” said Nur Raihan binti Amir, a first year student pursuing her degree in Information Systems, “All activities done gave benefits to those who came. We were also able to see talented students in CSIT.”

Byron Melvin Benjamin, a first year student taking Information Systems, was more than happy. “It was a spectacular event. It lighted up CSIT\’s atmosphere with many mini events such as the Mannequin Challenge where everyone could participate and have fun together.”

Other visitors had similar comments. “The event delighted me with some of their fun activities, like poetry and the interviews. Keep up the good work and I hope the next, upcoming career day will be even more interesting,” remarked Muhammad Ammar bin Mohd Azman, a first year student partaking in Systems and Networking.

Prizes were given to the winners of the mini-competitions by Miss Nur Shakirah binti Md Salleh. Among the fortunate few were Izzatul Hazirah Ishak, winner of the puzzle game, Praseetha, awarded first for being the most well-dressed, Abd Rahman, an international student who was champion with his performance of ‘Gadis Melayu’ as well as Melvin Rubanesan, ultimate champion of the poetry recital competition.

Mohamad Nasrul Azim bin Abdullah, President of 360 GEM Club, had a few words to say about the event. “Organizing such a big event like this was very fun but at the same time, also quite challenging as we needed to face the crowd and handle them. The challenging part was to gather the students to be at the stage when most of them were having class during that day.”

This is the 3rd CSIT Career Day and the first collaboration with 360 GEM Club. For more information on CSIT Career Day, please contact Ms Saraswaty Sharmini at 016-2550242. To know more about 360 GEM and student exchange opportunities, please contact Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zuraidah Ali at 017-2728644 (WhatsApp).



Written by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan Bin Husain

Pictures taken from the Facebook accounts of \’Zue Ali\’ and \’College of Computer Science and Information Technology, Uniten\’.


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