Crowd WOWed with UNITENWOW: C.R.E.W


Decorated with booths galore, UNITENWOW: C.R.E.W was festive with cheer.

KAJANG, 9th August, – UNITENWOW: Club Recruitment Exhibition Week (UNITENWOW: C.R.E.W) was held on the 1st and 2nd August 2017 from 3pm to 10pm on both days. Organized by the Student Representative Council (SRC), the club bazaar hosted a number of 46 clubs at The Square to promote themselves to UNITEN students as well as to generate income through sales and mini-games.

UNITENWOW: C.R.E.W, unique to its previous titles, was conducted on a relatively smaller scale than UNITENWOWs occurring during previous semesters. This did not however, dampen the satisfaction of event goers.

“I really liked this semester’s event. It was better than all the times before when they were held at Upten,” said Johan Jamal, a third-year student.

Afiq Asrul, a second year Mechanical Engineering student nodded in agreement. “Even though there seemed to be more people than previous UNITENWOWs, this time, the event didn’t feel so cramped.”

Among the many performances, the Silat Club’s show was described as being intense.

Aside from the booths, WOWTalent provided a stage for clubs and performers to show off their talents and stand a chance at winning interesting prizes. Ranging from stellar singing performances to hilarious sketches equipped with high-quality costumes, the crowd found themselves entertained throughout the two days.

“This semester’s UNITENWOW was smooth and nice. There were several exciting performances but not to the point that it oversaturated the bazaar itself. The Taekwondo and Silat clubs had an amazing adrenaline-pumping performance,” described Muhd Hakim Taufik, applauding the efforts of all the performers for WOWTalent.

A number of three awards were also given by the “WOW Club” to celebrate the clubs’ efforts throughout the year.The first category, as the Most WOW Club, was awarded to the Cycling Club on their recent achievement in being recorded in the Malaysian Books of Record, for cycling 500km in the span of 24 hours.

The Most WOW Event, however, was won by Bakti Siswa for their program entitled “Mahasiswa D’Hati Rakyat”. Published in three papers with sponsors, the event received massive attention from UNITEN students and outsiders alike. Lastly, as for the Most WOW Booth, the Chess Club was crowned as the ultimate champion.

“It was challenging as it is my first time handling an event. The pressure is new. so it was hard on me as I had to plan it two weeks before the event,” said Ahmad Eizat Afnan bin Mohd Shaifuddin, as the director of UNITENWOW: C.R.E.W, “Luckily, I had my friends to back me up and they kept me going.”

“May it be a small crowd, I am satisfied with the fact that the clubs made peace instead of competing with each other. That is what I expected to achieve and I believe I did,” he added.

Having a lot of fun, UNITENWOW: C.R.E.W ended with great reviews from those who attended.

All in all, the event was a success and brought many people together as one to join clubs and societies. With the news of next semester’s UNITENWOW being bigger and better, we can only wait and see until next semester.

Written by: Sharmella Ramalingam and Ahmad Daniel Haziq Mahari Razol Mahari

Edited by: Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

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