Crowd Left Ab-less by LMAOing, 2 times



KAJANG, 29th December 2016 – The Uniten Debate and Oratory Society (UDOS) successfully launched “Laugh My Abs Off Night 2.0” (LMAO Night 2.0) on 28th December 2016, their comedy show featuring a variety of different acts, performed by members of their club at the library auditorium. The show was attended by College of Foundation and Diploma Studies (CFDS) lecturers Mr. Rahmat bin Abdul Wahid, Mr. Ahmad Ikhsan bin Abd. Aziz as well as Madam Vathana Bathmanathan of College of Graduate Studies (COGS) as the VIPs.

Featuring dramas, stand-up comedy, poetry recital, musical performances and rap handled by 23 crew members, LMAO Night 2.0 gathered a crowd of 216, consisting of both UNITEN students and outsiders, a number surpassing their first show. “It was bigger and better than LMAO 2015,” said Lakshwanath Jaganath, director of LMAO Night 2.0.

“I was certainly overjoyed to have the opportunity to organize (LMAO Night) once again. Entirely, it was nerve-wrecking at first but it eventually felt like home thanks to the audience,” he added humbly.

LMAO Night 2.0 consisted of several performances and sketches. Among them were “Six Stages of Love”, “One Big Bang”, “Are You Me?” as well as “Shopping For My Wife”, all of which received generous applause and cheers from the audience.

“It’s surprisingly really, really enjoyable. I really didn’t think it would be like this,” said Nur Halenna Aysya Mohd. Halil, a first year Visual Media student who attended the event, “I fell in love with the sketch where the husband was buying tampons for his wife. (I) would definitely go again for LMAO 3.0.”

Others spectators had similar good things to say. “Yesterday\’s show exceeded my expectation,” said Nurul Aimi Athirah binti Juarimi, a first year Software Engineering student, “It was really good that I managed to forget about stressful matters for the whole night. Performers did a great job and I sure did laugh my abs off.”

Among the talented performers featured were Lakshwanath Jaganath and Josephine Stella Joseph, starring in “Six Stages of Love”, Yuovendra Sivaganese and Cozanne Estrella Boniface Ekol, acting in “One Big Bang”, Muhd Danial Muhd Zaki and Kugadarshni Balasubramaniam in “Shopping For My Wife”, Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan Husain, Ahmad Aiman Azlan, Isaac Mohandass John and Darshan who performed in “Are You Me?”, Sara Radziah, Shashitharan Velusamy as well as Tan Kuan You.

When asked regarding a third installment, Lakshwanath remained optimistic. “If God permits us, there will be 3.0, probably around the same time next year.”

Lakshwanath had nothing but appreciation to give.

“This entire LMAO Night 2.0 has been a dream simply because of the passion and love that we all had for acting and performing as a team. Also, the support that we had throughout LMAO Night 2015 and LMAO Night 2.0, will never be forgotten. Thank you,” he said in his closing remarks.

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Written by : Ahmad Danial ‘Irfan bin Husain

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