Counting Our Blessings (A Rant)


What am I thankful for?

How do you start a piece with a catchy starter? Because I don’t know how. And, I don’t think I can wreck my brain to come up with one.

So, as I was travelling to KLIA2 last Sunday, a friend asked me if I want to write something for the upcoming Filler Friday. I, actually, have quite a few things on my plate but then the theme caught my attention. The theme is to write about something that we are thankful for and I know, majority of us (or, is it just me? Huh.) will instantly think that we do not have much thing to be thankful for. My, my, we (or, maybe, me) are such a negative person.

Therefore, here am I, occupying a space at KLIA2’s food court, typing some words into Microsoft Word while waiting for a friend to arrive. Let’s start counting our blessings, should we?

First of all, I am thankful for being born into my family. We may have some fights here and there, especially now that I am living with my sisters. It does get annoying at times, especially when both of them bicker and I have to endure it without adding up any fuel to the burning fire. Which is definitely a fail because I am known to be talkative and ‘batu api’ at times, so. Hah. But, despite all the arguments, we manage to stay together and have our own fun. It makes me sick to watch their faces everyday but I know, it will make me feel sicker if I don’t.

Next. I am thankful for my parents. Or, parent, since my father is no longer here with us. (Al-fatihah, Abah.) It is really hard to raise a family of six children all by yourself and my mother does it so well, I admire her for that. All of us have different personalities, different needs, and different wants and yet, she manages to fulfil most of them. Like, wow, my mother is a better Wonder Woman than Gal Gadot. (No offense, though! I like Wonder Woman! Sighs dreamily.) She is a teacher, therefore, she is quite busy with school stuffs and some extracurricular activities too so I hope she has been taking care of herself well because my heart aches whenever I see her being all tired from the hectic schedules that she has every single day. (If you have a little brother or sister who is still at school, please ask them to behave well and respect their teacher, I swear to God.)

People may judge me for this but they make me happy and they make me feel thankful too so this paragraph is dedicated to twelve amazing males that make me happy and strive to be a better person since 2012. If someone makes your lips curl upward to form a bright smile and help you to become a better version of yourself, why people have to judge you for that, right? So, here I am, saying (typing, of course. Tsk.) that I am thankful for EXO. Not kidding. I really am.


Okay, this is maybe odd but I am thankful for all the friends that I have. I do not claim anyone in this world to be my best friend and I am apparently “a person who is cold and refuses to be nice to anyone that you know,” kudos to my sister for this. Hah. I am really not a friendly person and I like to have a small number of friends that I really trust. And, I am extremely grateful that I do have those people by my side, despite me being extra and annoying every single time I spend time with them. If you have a friend who stays by your side despite you cursing at them and treating them like poop at times, keep that friend. I swear. I have two friends who manage to handle my annoying self since my Foundation year and so far, they haven’t set me on fire yet. And, as I am typing this, I am going to meet a friend physically for the first time and I am thankful for her too for keeping up with me all this time because I am such a slow person in replying texts. Really. It took me one day to reply a single emoji to my friend.

This is getting lengthy and I think I have make my point clear. So, I will just finish this by saying, I am thankful for everything that I had and have. For those who managed to read this until the end (wow, guys, get a life after this, okay? This piece totally is not worth your time), let’s start counting our blessings and express them because trust me, it will make you feel better about yourself. Call your mom, hug your friends, buy stuff you like (or, if you want to buy something I like is fine too. I have been eyeing leather jackets and EXO’s recent album and their concert ticket lately, so.) and be happy. Be grateful. Be yourself. Never forget your value, never underestimate your worth.

Be grateful for yourself too because without you, there is no life you are currently having now.

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