Convocation – More Than Just A Ceremony

Convocation is the end goal of every university student. It is the time for tears and joy and for throwing your hat in the air like you just don’t care but you really shouldn’t, because you might get them dirty and I think that you need to return them later. But at the same time, it also marks the start of a new life for the graduates. It’s when we really need to start adulting and doing adult things like taxes and paying mortgages. All part of the charms of adulthood! Here are a few short interviews conducted with a few of our outstanding graduates.

Featured Interview:

Pictured: Amjad Wahid (right)

Amjad Wahid. Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering. President of the Student Representative Council (SRC) 2016/17. Previously the Designer of Skuad Media UNITEN (SMU). Also the Head of Leadership and Entrepreneurship for the Entrepreneurship Club during Foundation (the club started back then).



What is your most memorable experience in UNITEN?

“My most memorable experience was founding #KITAUNITEN. It is a social movement that I founded along with two other friends. I think it is the most memorable because it has a big impact and is growing larger and larger.”


What is your scariest experience in UNITEN?

“Thankfully I didn’t experience anything supernatural in UNITEN. But what did scare me was my experience in handling student affairs as the President of SRC. I have encountered various situations where the students would hurt themselves which is much more terrifying than any ghost story.”


What is the best food in UNITEN?

“I would suggest two shops. One of them is the ayam goreng from Aroma Chicken. The other is the chicken fillet from Istanbul Kebab House.”


Studying tips?

“Spend two hours a day studying and plan properly which topic you should study. You don’t have to stress yourself and just study smart. Just make sure you discipline yourself with the schedule that you have set.”


What is the silliest thing you did before a test?

“Studying before a test. But what I would personally say is the silliest thing I did was to go to sleep even though I haven’t finished studying. Sleep is important and I also know that I can study more efficient in the morning.”


Is there anything silly you did in UNITEN?

“Sharing parking cards with my friends *laughs*”


What made you run for presidency?

“It’s the responsibility that comes with being president. If you have a big vision, you need to have a big platform to support it. I believed that I can do great things so I decided to run for presidency.”


What is the most important trait a person should have to be successful?

“Being intuitive. The drive to learn new things because learning never stops”


What are your comments on the current situation of the SRC?

“Actually, I talked to both sides. I talked to Roshan, the previous President and also the current President. They have different opinions and are trying to come to term with each other. I respect both parties, but I do hope that they do what they need to do especially for those currently in a position of power. It doesn’t mean you can’t do big things without a big organisation. For me, I am neutral, but I just hope that they can be more mature towards managing others.”


Do you have anything to say to your juniors?

“Let me share something about discipline. Discipline is the ability to do things you should do when you need do it even though you don’t want to do it. So, if you have things you want to achieve, you need to have self-discipline.”



Pictured: Tan Shun Yao

Tan Shun Yao. Bachelor of Electrical Power Engineering (Hons). Recipient of the Best Final Year Project Award for Mechanical Engineering. Active in the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Club, Table Tennis Club (President) and also Chinese Cultural Society. Organised a lot of workshops and events. Most notable for organising an event for the Malaysian Book of Records for Logo using bottle caps. Was also able to make the Table Tennis Club into one of the most active clubs in 2016/17 and won some competitions.

Pictured: Hoo Kai Wei (center)

Hoo Kai Wei. Bachelor of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Hons). Recipient of the Vice-Chancellor Award for Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Re-established the Swimming Club into an active club and also active in the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET) Club.

Pictured: Soo Mei Teng (third from the left)

Soo Mei Teng. Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) (Software Engineering). Active in Persatuan Pelajar Kelompok Murni (President). Currently taking Masters in UNITEN. Organised various events including Bakti Siswa (Head of Sponsorship), PKC Musical Night (actress) and also Dance for Kindness.  Also joined the convocation crew for 3 years.

Pictured: Loh Yong Xin (right)

Loh Yong Xin. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons). Active in the table tennis club.



What is your most memorable experience in UNITEN?

Tan Shun Yao:  “My most memorable experience is that I was able to make a lot of friends in UNITEN and have fun with them.”

Hoo Kai Wei:    “My most memorable experience is during orientation in Foundation. It was by chance during my birthday and I got called out by the facilitators. So as a freshman you would naturally be scared being called out. I was suddenly brought up to the stage and then they started singing Happy Birthday. That was when it hit me. It was a terrifying surprise for me.”

Loh Yong Xin:   “My most memorable experience is joining the UNITEN Table Tennis Club and participating in various tournaments with other universities.”


What is your scariest experience in UNITEN?

Soo Mei Teng: “For me, it is just a terrible experience meeting with a horrible driver in UNITEN. That person didn’t know how to use the indicator and almost hit my car near the back-gate junction.”


What is the best food in UNITEN?

TSY:   “The Nasi Arab in COE. It is the only food I eat in UNITEN.”

HKW: “The Nasi Arab in COE. The spices are very nice.”

SMT:  “My favourite food in UNITEN is from the Istanbul Kebab House.”

LYX:   “COE Chicken Rice”


Studying tips?

TSY:   “Just make sure you get high carry marks. Test 1 and Test 2 is easy so make sure to score those so that finals wouldn’t be a problem. Also just focus on the chapters that you can score.”

HKW: “Just make sure to study hard, work smart and play hard!”

SMT: “For me, I like to do mind maps because I can remember better through figures. Getting down the flow of how to start things really helps.”

LYX:  “Always focus in class so that you can be 100% prepared before exams”


What is the silliest thing you did before a test?

TSY:   “Nothing. *laughs*.”

HKW: “Sleeping late. *laughs* I dozed off while doing some questions. So you should definitely get more sleep before an exam.”

SMT: “I drank five cups of coffee the night before the exam because I had to study all the chapters in one night. I fell asleep after drinking the coffee. My brain probably couldn’t handle the excess caffeine and shutdown. But luckily I was still able to remember what I studied.”

LYX:  “I played games the night before an exam. *laughs*”


What is the most important trait a person should have to be successful?

TSY:   “Good attitude.”

HKW: “Self-Discipline. If you have self-discipline, everything else will come naturally.”

SMT: “You have to communicate with others. Every misunderstanding starts with miscommunication.”

LYX:  “He/She should always be prepared no matter what happen.”


Do you have anything to say to your juniors?

HKW: “Don’t forget to have fun and make friends. Don’t just study, because university life is short, so you have to enjoy life.”

SMT:  “Don’t skip class. Even though it may be boring, you should still always go in case of a pop quiz.”



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