Chinese Cultural Society – Musical Drama Night 2018

KAJANG, 7th January 2018 – Chinese Cultural Society – Musical Drama Night 2018 was held in Dewan Seri Sarjana (DSS) on the 3rd of January, from 7pm to 10pm. The drama night was an annual event held by Chinese Cultural Society (CCS) to foster good relations between the club and UNITEN students as well as students from other universities. The planning of Musical Drama Night 2018 itself started back in June 2017 and the practice started around October 2017 where everything was set in motion.


The event was sponsored by Senator Datuk Chong Sin Woon (UNITEN Alumni), Deputy Minister of Education, Media 988, Graduan 大专青, Persatuan Belia Xiang Liang, Malaysian Youth Community, JC Visual, KHEE SAN BERHAD, Lite Events Music & Entertainment, It’s Hair Art Studio, SPP Book Agency, Hush Puppies, Chip Hong Hardware Sdn. Bhd, Happy UV Print Sdn. Bhd., Budak Beanie, A Make Over Artist and Savana Cake House.

The main event of Musical Drama Night 2018 was none other than the drama itself, entitled Conquest of Power – Palace of Chen Xi. The drama was set in a fictional country surrounded by powerful countries during the Chinese dynasty. Xu, the young prince of this country together with Yi, his trusted childhood friend strived to keep their country safe. Yi, who effortlessly gained power, had his loyalty tested as he met new friends. With the seeds of betrayal sown, Yi’s decisions affected everyone.

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Gan Xhi Jiong, the Director and script writer for the drama expressed his feelings after the end of the drama, “It’s a great relief that this is over. This drama is my baby so no matter the outcome, it will always be a success for me, especially after all our efforts. I would like to thank all the actors for going all out.”

When asked regarding his inspiration behind the story, Gan replied, “The script was based on modern Malaysia and the Chinese dynasty. It was quite a challenge to incorporate the 3 languages which represents Malaysia but I hope that everyone will look forward to the New Era of CCS this year.” Gan had also offered ten free tickets to cultural clubs in UNITEN as a means to promote CCS and also to strengthen bonds with the other clubs.


Yap Iu Jee, the actor behind main antagonist Yi, expressed his joy, “I feel great and proud for being able to be a part of this drama team. I was amazed in how everyone was doing their best and giving their full commitment. Having a positive attitude is what motivates me to do better. We should always be grateful and live life to the fullest. No matter what mistakes we make it is okay as practice makes perfect. The joy I experienced can’t be expressed in words and if I was given the opportunity to act again, I would.”

Other than the drama, there was also a lucky draw and an interactive talk session by Media 988 who also gave away some goodies to the participants. An orchestra from Yu Hua Secondary School also performed on stage.


One of the participants, Eric Pradana Putra bin Amin expressed his awe, “The drama surpassed my expectations and I think the best part of the whole program was the drama. It showed the capabilities and creativeness of UNITEN’s students.”

Aisyah binti Ibrahim, another spectator, also praised the drama, “The drama was amazing and was my favourite part of the program. The acting was good and the props and sound and lighting made things even more realistic. Overall, it was a very professional and good event.” Both said they would come again next year.

The event ended with a speech from the Drama Director and script writer, Mr Gan Xhi Jiong. After the speech, every crew member gathered on the stage and took a big group photo.


Chew Hui Qian, the Program Director of the Musical Drama Night said, “I would say that this event is a success overall. In comparison to last year, we achieved a higher participation this year which is over 300 participants. This event is not just the work of one person but everyone from all the divisions. I would like to thank everyone for their commitment and sacrificing their time. I would also like to express my gratitude for the UNITEN Officers and our advisors whom we consulted. But most of all I would like to thank all our sponsors and UNITEN students for coming.”

Written by: Andrew Chan

Photo source: Universiti Tenaga Nasional – UNITEN

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