Celebrating with UnitenWOW V: The Celebration


KAJANG, 9th NOVEMBER – UnitenWOW V: The Celebration officially came to a close after a spectacular and exciting set of activities that were carried out throughout the span of two days in Dewan Seri Sarjana (DSS). The program, which started on 6th November and ended on 7th November, aimed to introduce students to clubs and societies in Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). A regular event that is conducted every semester, UnitenWOW V, like its predecessors, managed to gather a huge crowd.

A number of activities were conducted throughout UnitenWOW V. Among them was the soft launching of UNITEN Dedicated 10Gbps Internet Speed, the launching of UNITEN\’s new e-Sports Club as well as #KITAUNITEN, a social movement initiated by Skuad Media UNITEN (SMU).

WOWCyberGames, another event featured in UnitenWOW, was also conducted throughout both days, where a number of eight teams competed head-to-head in Dota 2 to win themselves a cash prize totaling a whopping RM1200. This was eventually won by Pablo Escobar, who comprise our very own students from UNITEN. Booths featuring the various clubs and societies in UNITEN were also opened to the students to register or ask questions.


Byron Melvin Benjamin, who attended WOWCyberGames as a spectator enthusiastically commented on the event, \”UnitenWOW V is definitely better than the UnitenWOW last semester – there\’s more wow into it, especially WOWCyberGames. Many people came from both within and also outside UNITEN to pursue their love for games. I really enjoyed it.\”

He also praised the decoration of the booths in UnitenWOW. \”They were all designed very creatively – especially the booths of PRS (Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya) and also JCCU (Japanese Culture Club UNITEN). I loved how the members of JCCU traveled around DSS while cosplaying as well-known characters.\”


Students were also given an opportunity to show off their talents live on stage throughout both days, through WOWTalent. Apart from student talents, UnitenWOW also featured developed artists who performed their songs on stage: Floor 88, Imran Ajmain as well as Sazrin Aizul, who caught the heart of the audience. ThinkerStudio, a popular production team who creates content for teenagers throughout the nation, also came to UnitenWOW, talking about how to handle social media.

\”The best part is that I didn\’t expect there to be so many artists performing on the night. I came to see Imran Ajmain and I wished he would have sung more but all in all, it was an awesome night,\” commented Nur Rasyida Qistina, who was there on the night of WOWArtist.

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The program director of UnitenWOW, who is also the Head of Clubs and Societies in the Student Representative Council (SRC), Ahmad Eizat Afnan felt relieved. \”The event wouldn\’t have been a success without the cooperation from the management, crews, clubs and alumni. Despite several difficulties, we managed to unite and in the end, managed to pull off UnitenWOW V.\”

Eizat also promised to improve the next UnitenWOW in the near future. \”I’ll make sure in the next UnitenWOW. There’ll be changes; new themes, styles and faces. Expect that.\”

Written by: NADi

Edited by: Ahmad Danial \’Irfan bin Husain

Photo Source: Skuad Media UNITEN

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